Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pride by Shelly Laurenston

Pride Series by Shelly Laurenston ~V^^^V

Newest Release, Howl For It~ I haven't read yet

The Mane Event ~V^^^^V

Wow. I was recommended this series by many people but really had no idea what it was about until I read it. I was surprised, this was almost Lora Leigh league erotic romance. The couples in both stories were well written and likable. The men are hot and the women are independent without being too butch. My only issue stems from a common romance related plot line. Why are all women in these books afraid of love? I really don't understand it, honestly. I wish it wasn't used so often in these sort of books because its overdone and really not that believable in my eyes. Really though the scenes were hot, the men hotter and the story was enjoyable. The comedy really helps make it a fun erotic romance.

The Beast in Him~ Waiting for my copy

The Mane Attraction ~V^^^V

Pretty good once again. I wasn't that interested in Sissy Mae that much before the book but after I can admit to enjoying it. She was/is pretty hard-hearted but I guess that comes with being an Alpha Female. Mitch was awesome, very light-hearted, the joker. He managed to make the story a lot more fun than I think it would have been otherwise. I think the couple were a fantastic match and complimented each other nicely. We also had updates on some former couples and introductions to some new. I can see this series going on for some time still. I am anxious to read some more.

The Mane Squeeze ~Currently Reading 

Beast Behaving Badly ~V^^^^^V

By far and away my favorite in this series. Blayne has the personality of what I imagine is almost any dog. Her attention span is null, everyone loves her instantly and she is just go go go. I can see why one character called her "TeaCup". Bo cracks me up with his OCD. He is SO completely into routine, schedules and cleanliness that I couldn't imagine how the couple would work. The journey to making it work was awesome. I loved the two of the together, the compromises and the fact that NO ONE else would work for either of them. I hope the next book is as good as this one.

Big Bad Beast ~V^^^^V

This book got me right at prologue but then it petered off. I ended up really enjoying it but it got a little long and confusing in the middle. My issue was with Ric and Dee-Ann, I loved them but Dee-Ann got on my nerves some. She was just so impersonal it was hard to like her. Together they are excellent and the plot carried a lot of interesting twists. I was a touch confused by all the names, I may have read this out of order, I am not sure. It seemed like there were a lot of players, so many names that I was pretty confused throughout the middle of the book. I can tell you though that I did really enjoy this one and am anxious to continue this series.

Bear Meets Girl ~V^^^V

Lou and Marcella are pretty amusing together. I loved when he found out who her family was. He was a major fan of her father and actually hers ass well. They make a great team when investigating and Marcella is a riot when she is busy teasing Lou. Overall I gave this an average rating because its not my favorite but I really did enjoy it nonetheless.

Wolf with Benefits~ Expected release 3/26/13

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