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Bride's Holiday Gift by Solange Ayre

Bride's Holiday Gift (Star Brides, #3) (Naughty Nooners)

Bride's Holiday Gift (Star Brides, #3)  by Solange Ayre ~V^^V

Six months after the mass human-Terilian weddings of One Thousand Brides and Bride Reborn, Earth woman Janis Stone is consumed with lust for her alien husband Delos. A public exhibition of sex in zero gravity leaves her craving more of his exciting lovemaking. Janis’ attempted seduction of Delos during a holiday sexual “fast” makes him promise retribution. Payback comes when Janis awakens tied to the bed, about to be pleasured by Delos’ skillful fingers, tongue and cock.

After a steamy encounter, the couple exchange gifts obtained at personal sacrifice. But their greatest gift for each other is love.

Meh. It was ok. I see that this is #3 so maybe that is why I felt a little lost. It was a sweet story, that has been told many times, but still is entertaining. The erotica was good too. I am not sure why this story didn't go over better for me. All the elements were there it was just lacking somehow. ~Michelle 

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Friday 56!

About the Friday 56

  • Grab the book nearest you.
  • Turn to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like).
  • Don't go for your favorite book. THE CLOSEST.

"I couldn't get near the directional controls unless my father passed out."
-Born of Ice by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Let's Get Naked by Marianne LaCroix

Let's Get Naked (Naughty Nooners)Let's Get Naked by
Maddie is a thirty-nine-year-old divorcee forced to start over again with her sex life. She resorts to an online romance with a man while fantasizing about her much younger next-door neighbor, Ryan. When her online friend suggests they meet, the last person Maddie expects is the very man she’s been lusting after. Ryan’s plotted her seduction for months—and now it’s time for them both to live out a few sexual fantasies.

Older divorcee, younger man. Its a good, short erotic story. The flow is pretty good, the sex scenes are well told and I found the couple believable. I think, if stretched out this could be a really interesting, full length story. So basically what I am trying to say is, I liked it. ~Michelle 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alex Craft Series by Kalayna Price

Alex Craft Series by Kalayna Price ~V^^^^V
Another newer series that I found thanks so much to Goodreads. I am now broadening my Urban Fantasy scope to include so much more and I can honestly say that it has opened my eyes. I am almost leaning more toward Fantasy than Romance these days. *GASP*

Grave Witch ~V^^^^V
Alex is a "weird witch" well really a "grave witch" which means she can see the death side of magic. She is therefore familiar with ghosts, shades and Death himself. Though her differences have estranged her from her family, she is called in to help her sister with a serious situation.

I quite enjoyed this book. Witches are a newer genre for me asked I think this is a keeper. The way the story was told was interesting , the mystery was intriguing and pace was perfect. I think my favorite character is Death and I can't wait to read more about him as well as Alex.

Grave Dance ~V^^^V
Alex is back and this time she has been called in to help investigate the situation with severed feet. She quickly finds many more and while that only makes the mystery all the more compelling it also opens it to the FIB. In comes her boyfriend? Falin, now she needs to figure out what is going on with their relationship as well. Not to mention we have several other Fae via for her time and help. Oh and let's not forget my favorite Death, his flirtatious nature with Alex is just jelly legging. By that I mean I have weak knee's just thinking about it. So needless to say this book has plenty of action, suspense and romantic possibilities. The story is intriguing, well written and nicely paced and yes I am hooked. ~Michelle

Book 3: Grave Memory July 3, 2012.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson by Darynda Jones ~V^^^^^V

Holy awesome series! A fresh new idea and so wonderfully told. I can not tell you how much I love this series. I am so thankful I came across this one and I am beyond recommending you read them, I am demanding it. 

First Grave on the Right ~V^^^^^V
It has been a LONG time since I found a book that I enjoyed this much. It has the perfect balance of comedy and mystery. The concepts of death and the grim reaper are new and refreshing. The pacing is perfect, the balance of mystery, action, and sexual encounters is perfect, and the character development is fabulous. I honestly can't tell you anything I would change about this book. I am just going to keep gushing and recommend this book to anyone who enjoys, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy or Paranormal Romance. It really is an EXCELLENT book. Go start this series immediately!

Second Grave on the Left ~V^^^^^V 
Continuing from the First Grave on the Right, Grim Reaper Charley Davidson, knows who the big bad is and she wants him. He keeps appearing to her incorporeal and not looking so well. Turns out Demons are torturing him to find her; now he wants to just let his body die so they can't get to her. Not only that her best friend Cookie, has a missing friend, so her newest case is somewhat personal. Oh and her father is keeping secrets. This book had me not only cracking up but also completely enthralled the whole time. I was anxious to see what Charley could do for her man Reyes, and loved finding out his back story. My heart also broke a little for Charley, due to her family drama. 

Third Grave Dead Ahead ~V^^^^^V
WOW! This book was incredible. I am starting to become more of a Urban Fantasy fan now more than ever before and this series is at the heart of it. I love that they is a constant romantic interest and still a very strong female lead.

Now in this book Reyes has been bound and Charley is at fault. Needless to say he is a little unhappy. He tells her information that will clear his name, so she is one the case to prove his innocence. In non Reyes life we have a doctor who asked Charley to help him find his missing wife. She doesn't for a minute believe that he is truly concerned about his wife and takes the case, just to prove his guilt.

That is just some of the action and fun in this third installment of the Charley Davidson series, there is plenty more once you get reading. Which you should! I can't wait to read the next one.

There is a novella told from a deceased perspective interacting with Charley that is excellent, though too short.  
For I Have Sinned ~V^^^V
What I liked about this story was the outside perspective of Charley. We got to see what its like for the ghosts after death. We get to look at Charley without being inside her head and see how she really does help the departed. I am really enjoying this series and think everyone should give it a try. ~Michelle

Next installment Fourth Grave Beneath my Feet is scheduled to be released October 30, 2012.

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Warriors of Poseidon by Alyssa Day

Warriors of Poseidon by Alyssa Day ~V^^^V

Overall the series was enjoyable. Has all the elements that we have come to love in our Paranormal Romance; sexy alpha males, shape shifters, strong willed women and a touch of evil. I just finished up the series to date so I will give you my book by book thoughts after each reading. 

Atlantis Rising ~V^^V
I like the concept and writing. The mythology of Atlantis is a very interesting subject and I am a huge fan of alpha male romantic stories. In this book Prince Conlon of Atlantis has been missing for seven years, held captive by the vampire queen Anubisa. After he escapes and returns home, he starts having an empathic connection with a human woman. Riley on the other hand is a human Social Worker, she had a VERY bad day and it just kept getting worse. As one can expect at first they have no trust for one another but soon that is overcome. Despite the fact that they have other obstacles to deal with they can't seem to stay apart.

Again I think it is a very interesting idea, with a good introduction to the series. However I felt like there wasn't enough Atlantis. It could have done with more detail on what Atlantis looked like or what other inhabitants do. I assume that will come out more as the series progresses. I did feel like we got a good introduction to the other warriors and can't wait to find out more about them. In this story itself though I couldn't really relate to Riley, she was okay but overall just kind of a blah character. Her sister was VERY intriguing though, I am anxious to see what she is all about. 
Atlantis Awakening ~V^^^^V 
I am really enjoying this series. The Atlantis mythology is something that has always interested me. I am also a fan of Black Dagger Brotherhood, Midnight Breed, Etc so I like the concepts a very Alpha group of warriors meeting their match. Now I mention the other series as I have a read some reviews saying, "been there, done that" but I argue that it is clearly a formula that is working. So in this case Ven and Erin have some obstacles to over come in their relationship as well as for the good of society. Ven being a male who has no interest in being tied to a woman and Erin, a woman who has no interest in being locked safely away, makes for some serious head butting. In the true fashion of Paranormal Romance they do get their happy ever after, but in the journey is the fun. As a whole the warriors are an interesting and funny group. So again I like this series and plan to continue.

Atlantis Unleashed ~V^^^V
So there is more going here than just raising Atlantis, apparently. Keely is an Archaeologist with touch empathy, she can see the history of an item just from touching it. This has apparently left her alienated from friends, colleagues, even her parents. Lord Justice is half Nereid, half brother to the princes of Atlantis and the most recent victim of Anubisa. His mind is fractured so much so that he refers to himself in parts. They make a great couple because they seem to have known each other forever.
My issues with this book are that Keely tends to argue that she can handle things because she is an Archaeologist. This doesn't make her a warrior,so in turn it seems as though she is just arguing for the sake of arguing.I also felt as though the other Warriors were rather cruel to her. What saved this book for me, was the other characters and the advancement of the plot beyond this romance. 

Atlantis Unmasked ~V^^^V
Who has not been imprisoned by Anubisa at this point? Alexios has as well and has the scar to prove it. He hates for anyone to notice is and is very self conscious. He made a celibacy vow to Poseidon so that is one major point against our couple. Grace has been battling the vampires since her brother was murdered by them on his 21st birthday. She really just lives for revenge. She is a descendant of Diana, goddess of the Hunt. She was given an arrow that never misses. The main issue I had with this couple is that we finally had a truly strong female lead and still the warrior wants to tuck her away all the time. I get tired of the arguing. We continue to get updates from Atlantis, one of which is FINALLY the birth of the new prince. YAY

Atlantis Redeemed ~V^^^V 
Crazy! Brennan was cursed by Poseidon to never feel emotion. Once he found his soul mate, he would get them back. The catch, once he met her and let her out of his sight he would forget her. Not to mention that once he loved her, she was cursed to die. We met Tiernan back a few books ago but we didn't know the extent of the relationship. Once Brennan was back with her, he spills the story but she doesn't really want to be involved with someone who won't remember her. Before anything final can be resolved though, they are captured and things get REALLY bad. I think this is one of my favorites in the series.

Atlantis Betrayed ~V^^^V
A touch of James Bond. In this installment we meet the Scarlett Ninja. She steals jewels with her Fae given powers and gives the money to the poor. Christophe is dragging his feet about stealing the gem because he doesn't want to take his oath. What gem? The Siren, one of the stones they need to raise Atlantis. This book really was very Bond, plenty of intrigue, gadgets, sex and danger. The addition of Fae to the story opens a whole new element as well. 


Vampire in Atlantis ~V^^^^V
Probably my favorite so far. Daniel has been around since the early books in this series and one had to wonder why he was so helpful. Turns out he really shouldn't have been, or maybe he should. I am still not sure how I feel about it. Daniel was turned vampire 11,000 years ago; the same time ago that Atlantis fell into the sea. Serai is was trapped in stasis for the past 11,000 years. She and Daniel have been separated for that long, meeting only hours before they were separated. Serai awakens when the Emperor stone has been manipulated by a witch. Now all her sisters in stasis are in danger of dieing. As is the norm in this series we also get to catch up with the other characters back in Atlantis. I think my favorite part was when Serai confronted Conlon. I just wish she had kept going and really gave it to him. ~Michelle

Much anticipated book 8 Heart of Atlantis is expected to be released December 4, 2012.

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Goddess Girls Series by Joan Holub & Suzzanne Williams

Goddess Girls Series by Joan Holub & Suzzanne Williams ~V^^^^^V

I am going to review the whole series here in one post. While covering all the books individually. The series as a whole gets my highest rating. I just love the concept, the writing and the newness of the whole thing.

Athena the Brain
Introduces us to Mount Olympus Academy (MOA) and Athena, Zeus' daughter. She learns of her heritage, meets all the other "goddess girls and boys" and begins her education on being a goddess. In this book the myth of Odysseus unfolds as does the interaction of the other gods and goddesses within said myth.

I originally got this book for my daughter, but due to varying tastes, she decided she wasn't interested so I picked it up. I have to say that after reading it I, requested all the others and tore through them. I recommend this for not only children but for other adults with a passion for mythology. It really is a fun and interesting retelling of some very old stories.

Perpesphone the Phony
Once again this book was fabulous. The myth in this book covers Persephone and Hades. It is told in a more child friendly manner and with a modern twist. Persephone is afraid to upset the apple cart, as it were, and very rarely ventures her own opinions. She meets Hades and wants to be friends even though her mother and friends tell her he is bad. This cute story teaches a lesson about standing up for yourself and in any light that is a great lesson. 

Aphrodite the Beauty 
Perhaps a lesser know myth; Hippmenes and Atalanta. Atalanta was one of the fastest humans on Earth. She didn't want to marry and asked her father, King Schoeneus, to help her. He decreed that only one who could beat her in a foot race, was worthy of marrying his daughter. A human boy, Hippomenes, seeks Aphrodite's help to win the race and be with his love Atalanta. Of course there is a lesson to be learned for our goddess girl Aphrodite along the way. Again I loved this book. 

Artemis the Brave
Another great one. This book cover Orion and Sirius, for fans of the night sky you will be familiar with this constellation. Artemis develops her first crush, only Orion isn't liked by any of her friends and she doesn't understand why. Soon she learns to not let boys get in the way of friends and family. There is brief mention of Apollo and Daphne, but you would have to be well rehearsed in Greek Mythology to catch the irony. I seriously enjoy these books even though I am not 8-12 anymore. 

Athena the Wise 
The 12 Trials of Hercules. How did this boy become a Hero? Well with the help of the wisest of all the goddess girls of course. This book teaches about friendship, brains before brawn and sometimes brawn is necessary. However this book isn't just Hercules we also have side story of Athena and Arachne. If you haven't heard this one yet, check it out.

Aphrodite the Diva 
Why does everyone think Aphrodite is all beauty and no brains? She is out to prove she is more than just a pretty face. In this book the myth of Pygmalion is told. An amazing sculptor who has asked the Goddess Girl of Love to help him find his true love. He in inadvertently asked BOTH Goddesses of Love for help. A competition ensues between Aphrodite and Isis. I loved the introduction of some Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, it also helped extend the original myth into a longer tale. Again this is another, I highly recommend. 

Artemis the Loyal  
Artemis is upset that her twin brother and all the boys at Mount Olympus Academy get to compete in the Olympics while she can not. It's BOYS Only! She decides that it would only be fair for girls to compete as well, and takes action. I liked the lesson about making new friends, standing up for your opinions and being loyal doesn't mean being bossy. As a side story, we get the myth of Artemis and Actaeon, told much more innocently than the original. I am having so much fun with these book. 

Medusa the Mean 
Medusa is the class bully, in a way. All she really wants is to be popular, sadly she has built up some very strong defensive walls. Believing that the only way she will have a better life is if she can become Immortal like all the over popular gods and goddesses at school, she sets out to make it a reality. Seeing Medusa's side of things helped to make her a little less hateful and sometimes you are able to feel sad for her as well. Again this book wouldn't be a Goddess Girl story without some mythology. In this story we learn of Andromeda and the Sea Nymphs, Thetis and Amphitrite. Also there is some mention of Dionysus' involvement with Aridne, the daughter of King Minos. Soon Perseus will be battling the Minotaur in Crete. I do hope they continue this series, it is just too fun. ~Michelle

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Friday 56!

About the Friday 56

  • Grab the book nearest you.
  • Turn to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like).
  • Don't go for your favorite book. THE CLOSEST.

"That's a very backhanded compliment."
He grinned. "sometimes the truth hurts."
-Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some of my stranger books Part 3

Aliens by Judith Herbst ~V^^V
I liked the presentation of the alien abduction stories. I also enjoyed some of the background information on hypnosis and such. Another thing that I think is important is downplaying the scary to children. However my biggest issue was that most of the book discredited all alien life. Personally I find that to be very disappointing in a book titles "Aliens". ~Michelle 

The M-Files: True Reports of  Minnesota's Unexplained Phenomena by Jay Rath ~V^^^V
Some interesting reports relating to Minnesota unexplained phenomenon. Mostly I found that the UFO report information showed me how easily people can mistake natural occurrences as "UFO". Some of the stories were pretty ridiculous, in my opinion, but still fun to read. I found it really interesting that one "cult" in particular quoted the end of the world date as December 21, in light of recent theories, this is a little scary. My only complaint is that the book is outdated, a updated publication would be super. ~Michelle

Alien Investigation: Searching for the Truth about UFOs and Aliens by Kelly Milner Halls ~V^^^^V
This had a nice balanced presentation of information. The book has a "can you imagine" story from an Alien perspective to follow along with the facts. Presents several stories of Alien and UFO encounters from around the world. There is excellent photographs and illustrations as well as various expert Q & A.~Michelle 

Atlantis (Unsolved Mysteries) by Ann Margaret Lewis ~V^^^V
I am giving this 3 stars because the last chapter had interesting information. Sadly most of the book was discrediting Atlantis stories and while I agree that you shouldn't lend ears to the ridiculous. I just really felt there should have been a little bit more in the way of possibilities. Overall it was a good book. ~Michelle 

Alien For Rent by Betsy Duffy ~V^^^V
How much trouble can two third graders and one pint-sized alien get into? Plenty, as well as plenty of slapstick fun!

It's just an ordinary school day when third-graders Lexie and J.P. see an unusual sign on the bulletin board. In silver letters that seem to float on the paper it says: Alien for Rent: Two Gugentocks Per Hour. Definitely weird.

Before Lexie and J.P. can find any aliens, Bruce, the fifth-grade bully, finds them. When he tries to punch J.P., Bruce freezes in mid-swing, glows green, and floats off the ground. What on Earth is happening?

The answer is not actually from Earth. His name is Bork, and Lexie has accidentally rented him for the price of two gugentocks--a.k.a. Twinkies. Just what other "good deeds" has Bork done for Lexie? And how will they undo them? Anything is possible when a junk food-loving alien comes for a visit!

Pretty cute. Its a story about watching what you say and working together. The alien is not what the kids expect, and again that is a lesson judgment. ~Michelle 

The Ancient Alien Question by Philip Coppens ~V^^V
I have torn how to rate this book and decided it really is a 2.5, not quite 3 stars but more than 2. Here is my reasoning. I have read several of Erich von Daniken's books previously so a lot of this was not new insight to me. Though some of it was pretty much explained away in this book. Some evidence was new to me and it is more up to date than Daniken's early works so the fresh eye was nice. So it gets lower review for having a lot of old evidence and a higher rating for the newer. AT the same time I have to stop the book from getting an excellent review in that there is really no insight into Coppen's opinions. I can see how people think he is both pro Ancient Astronaut Theory and Anti. There is really no conclusions in the book, yes I know that is because there is no refutable evidence. However a little insight into his personal opinion would have been appreciated. In essence I feel like a spent several days reading a book with no point. Here is opinion A and here is opinion B, blah,blah, blah. Leaving me feel as though I really didn't learn anything at all. I have however been introduced to some new ideas and subjects to look into. ~Michelle  

Thrown to the Wolves by Aya Fukunishi

Thrown to the Wolves (Wolf Mountain, #1)

Thrown to the Wolves (Wolf Mountain, #1) by

High in the mountains above a remote ski resort, Aylen and Emily peer through their binoculars at the distant wolf pack. Why are they not mating? What scent have they caught on the wind? Why do these wolves seem... different?

It won't be long before they discover the terrible truth...

This was just not hot in my opinion. There is virtually no back story, my only thought is that this is the back story for later books. The sex scenes are bestiality and rape. It made me really uncomfortable and I didn't like it. ~Michelle  

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Infamous by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Infamous (Chronicles of Nick #3) by Sherrilyn Kenyon ~V^^^V

It took me a little while to get into this book, for two reasons. Number one being that it had been a long time since I read the last book. And number two, this is a Teen book and I can tell. As always is the case with the CON series I like them for the adult counter parts and the side characters that I now from reading the Dark Hunters series. I once again really enjoyed them. I also liked the more detailed look into Nick's life and why he is the way he is in Dark Hunters. I was never a huge fan of his character but I can see why others are. The writing is very "teen" though some of the language and phrases are more mature than other "teen" books I have read. I think this book had a lot of great lessons, it flowed well and the overall theme was engaging. I would definitely tell fans to not miss this installment. ~Michelle 

This is the third book in the series.

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Water Bound by Christine Feehan

Water Bound (Sisters of the Heart Book 1) by Christine Feehan ~V^V

I thought I would give Feehan another chance since I did enjoy the Drake sisters and I still like the Ghostwalkers. I guess I just wasn't ready for her phrasing again. I will give her credit for giving us a different kind of heroine with Rikki having Autism. The male lead, Lev, was patient, intriguing and attractive, of course. They seemed to have great chemistry, but I just couldn't get into the story. The use of too many words and the repetitive nature of the telling made the story way too slow. I found Rikki generally mean and unlikable, perhaps I just didn't understand her. Nonetheless I just got tired of reading how she was "different", her constant counting, her insistence that she HAD to have things her way, that no one be in her house or on her boat with her. I could do without the constant reminders of how life was difficult for her, like it made an excuse for her to be rude to everyone. Mainly I just didn't like Rikki, she never grew on me, the story was too slow and her issues just bogged it down further. I am not in a rush to continue this series. ~Michelle 

Book 2: Spirit Bound

New Releases Tuesday

June 19, 2012

The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead

Wicked Business by Janet Evanovich

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Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine Part 2

Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine  ~V^^^V

Well, it took my a bit but I managed to get almost all the way through the series. There are a LOT of books in this one. Heck all the Teen series tend to get a little long. This one is a lot like any other long running series, it has its ups and downs. I will give you my book by book review in two parts because there is just so much to say. So Morganville Vampires Review Part 2.

Fade Out ~V^^V
Okay, what else can I say?

1. I agree with Ada. Claire is too soft for Science.
2. Wow, Mernon has a computer girlfriend who is just as nuts as him. (Remind me of Plankton and his Computer wife, lol)
3. If I have to read about String Theory one more time in this series I just might scream. I just have to say that the theory really just doesn't hold water.

Now more to the point, do the residents of Morganville see it yet? Yes Kim was evil and what she did was WAY beyond wrong. However I have to say that she showed them exactly what I was already seeing. How long will it take these people to open their eyes and see that they need to stop being the victims. Kick some damn vampire ass and take your city back.

Kiss of Death ~V^^^V
I was so glad that our four main characters left Morganville in this book. I was getting a little tired of the same ole, same ole. I am not a fan of Amelie, I know many are. Sadly though, these four are worse off outside of Morganville than they are inside the city borders. Sadly there was too much Oliver and Claire and Shane, kissing. Overall though the book was one of the better in the series just because we got a break from the Morganville. 

Ghost Town ~V^^V
After another bullying episode by Amelie, Claire fixes the computer that gates through Morganville. I am SO over the B.S. of all the humans allowing the vampires to run the show. I just find it beyond irritating and I am being to really hate the damn series because of it. Now to the point of the book. Once Claire repairs the "computer" all the natives start forgetting. They forget everything that has happened in the last ... years. This was actually pretty interesting but I managed to put the very obvious two and two together very early on. Needless to say I skimmed after that because I was just waiting for the resolution. It was better than the previous book in my opinion but I am grateful to be nearly through the series at this point.
Bite Club ~V^^^^V
Very cool. I liked the whole thing. Though I was upset with Shane through most of the book I was nonetheless on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would all play out. As is the case for me with this series I can usually figure out the "mystery" fairly early on so its just a matter of getting there and seeing it unravel as it goes this time. I don't know how I feel about the view point changes, some Chapters were told by Shane and others by Claire. I think I liked the look into Shane's point of view but I found it a little choppy. So many times I wanted to slap Claire but again that is par for the course. So far the latest installments of Morganville have been much more enthralling than the first 10.

Last Breath ~V^^^^V
Wow. I hate to say it but again this book was fabulous. Seems as though the series has finally found some exciting things to incorporate and its nearly over. I am glad I stuck with it to this point otherwise I would have missed a few great books. Overall the series gets a 2 or 3 star but at this book is a 4. I can't really tell you too much that had me hooked without giving away major plot points. I will tell you there was a MAJOR death, some WAY out of line decisions made by Amelie (in my opinion), and a whole new bad guy. This book was a roller coaster that had me close to tears and ready to throw it across the room too. ~Michelle 

I still have the most recent release to catch up on and then I will be totally up to date. Book 12 is Black Dawn It should be a good one. 

Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine Part 1

Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine  ~V^^^V

Well, it took my a bit but I managed to get almost all the way through the series. There are a LOT of books in this one. Heck all the Teen series tend to get a little long. This one is a lot like any other long running series, it has its ups and downs. I will give you my book by book review in two parts because there is just so much to say. So Morganville Vampires Review Part 1. 

Glass Houses ~V^^^V
Such a breath of fresh air after some very disappointing YA series reads. For one I liked that there wasn't a large amount of sex, don't get me wrong there is some mention but its not a huge factor. Second I was very much enjoying the vampires being the bad guys for once. I think that romanticizing vampires has taken away a bit of their stigma, really fun to see them get some of their "evilness" back. All of the main characters were likable, well written and interesting. Some were VERY hateful and some were super likable. In essence a perfect balance. I am excited to continue this series. With any luck it won't go down hill, we shall see. 

Dead Girl's Dance ~V^^^V
Still one of the more interesting of the YA vampire series I have read to date. Once again, Claire is in pretty deep. This time Shane's father has shown up with intentions of killing all the vampires. He is of the belief that they are the reason his daughter and wife are dead. Now that was one of the issues I had with this story. If he was so upset over their deaths you would believe that family is important to him, therefore he wouldn't be an abusive father. Instead he is smacking around his son, the only blood family he has left. Not to mention he and his crew seem content to just murder both vampire and human alike with out recourse.

My second issue it to do with Monica and Claire's relationship. Monica is a typical bully and is escalating in her abuse of Claire. And while Clair is smart and brave enough to talk to vampires and stand up for her maybe boyfriend, she isn't brave enough to stand up for herself? Monica has no repercussions and her actions definitely warrant at least a few. I find it very bothersome that Claire continues to take the abuse and never retaliates.

Beyond those issues the book itself was good. The plot thickens and some major changes occur for several characters. Overall I can still tell its a teen or YA but it seems to manage to hold my interest and maintain plausibility in my adult mind. 

Midnight Alley ~V^^V
Everyone is still living in the Glass House but tensions are high. Shane can't seem to get past Michael's transformation and its constant bickering between the two. Eve and Michael are still all good as are Claire and Shane despite the fact that she signed up to be a vampire slave. Amazing how he can get over that but not over Michael. Anyway my main issues with this book are that while Claire is supposed to be so smart, she does the dumbest things.
First she goes to advanced placement classes but then blunders through giving herself away to the murderer. Who does that? Who says, you were there. While they are trapped in a vehicle with them? GAH! My other issue is the addition of the "drug" and Claire giving it to Monica. Really? Again I would think she has more sense than that.
Now something that annoys me but because I can't change it; the vampires. God! They are SO evil; I just want to stake them all. I can believe that a house full of teenagers would often be pushed around by older adult residents even though that too makes me so upset.
The thing I don't believe is that Claire's mother wouldn't honestly believe her that she was abused in the dorm. I really believe, and speaking as a parent, that if my kids said something terrible like being pushed down the stairs at the dorm, happened to them that I would believe them, Despite the a "vampire voodoo mind trick" parents of an underage student would definitely be more overbearing. Anyway on to the next book.

Feast of Fools ~V^^^V
It was OK. When the last book ended things seemed a really bad. Well that was just the tip of the iceberg. Not only are Claire's parents now involved but now a scary vampire wants her boyfriend. The Feast of Fools seems to be quite a problem, as no one is going with whom they should and Claire isn't going at all. At the same time Claire is still working with Myrnin to find a cure. All in all this book was good, there was plenty of action and some interesting new ventures for some characters. My only thought is that I personally would have ended the story at the "Feast". However this book still continued on to a whole new cliff hanger. I also can't seem to wrap my mind around why, when given the opportunity, did Claire or any of the humans help the vampires. This happens more than once throughout the series and to be honest is I was being oppressed by these jerks, I would NOT help them ever. Maybe its the victim mentality I can't follow, either way I will be continuing on to see what happens next.

Lord of Misrule ~V^^^V
The battle continues between Bishop and Amelie. As this story starts, the city is burning and our four favorite residents of the glass house are separated. The each have their own chores to help the cause. There is a whole lot of action in this book, some of which is vampire inspired and some of which is caused by nature. Speaking of which I still am not sure what the purpose of the tornado was. I almost felt like that just lead to confusion for me and made it harder to follow. Nonetheless my main issue with this book is the victim mentality of the town as a whole. Claire and other humans who are helping the vampires keep coming into contact with human groups who want to take the town back and get rid of the vampires. I have to agree with that idea and couldn't understand why Claire was so against the idea. Just didn't make sense since the vampires, no matter who was in charge, always treated the humans like crap. More to the point though, I liked the book for the action and sadly the cliffhanger as well. If there had to be an end of the book cliffhanger, this one was a dozy.

Carpe Corpus ~V^^V
So Bishop has control of the town and Claire. It seems as though Amelie has abandoned them leaving Michael and Mernon as his minions. Low and behold that is not the case as Amelie is in the underground working to kick Bishop out and take back over. Shane and his father are back together but things do not go well for them. Claire hits her 17th birthday and that means good things for her relationship with Shane. What else? We meet a few new characters, some old ones come back and we lose a few. There is a whole lot going in this book and in the end things have definitely changed forever. ~Michelle