Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Edge of Dawn by Lara Adrian

One week from today the newest installment of the Midnight Breed series will be released. The Warriors are taking on a whole new look with the younger generation now adults and taking over some of the duties .After the Breed were exposed the world of humans life has become VERY much a different creature. The series is doing a huge time jump from the last installment, which can be a little scary to old fans like myself but I have faith in Lara. That said Lara Adrian was kind enough to send us an ARC for review, here is what I thought. 

I was hesitant to get too involved in this story, after all, the last Midnight Breed book read like an ending. Obviously, this book would need to read as a beginning of sorts, that was where it took some mental preparation. If you have read the previous books then you are familiar with Mira and to a lesser extent, Kellan. You will remember them as children, or in Kellan's case a teen. This story is twenty years later, and in that time a whole lot has happened. Some of which was a hard sell for me because time leaps can be tricky. I had a little difficulty seeing Mira as an adult at first. Once I got deeper into the story I was able to take the leap of faith and embrace the new Mira. The whole setting for the story may be the same but it has a whole new look. This post-apocalyptic Boston is very different from where we last remember seeing the Breed. In no way does this take away from the story it really gives it a grittier look. Along the way we meet the new generation of Warriors, with a few surprising twists, and a new more sinister bad guy. Yeah, forget about Drago, this sh*t just got thick. 

So back to my thoughts, I REALLY enjoyed this book. While it took me a bit longer to be sucked in, once I was there I couldn't wait to see how it all played out. I have to say, this has renewed my ants in the pants feelings for the next book. All I can say is WOW, what a fresh new beginning Edge of Dawn is for the Midnight Breed series!

You can pick this one up next Tuesday in the US. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Legally Hot Anthology

Legally Hot Anthology ~V^^^V

Sheila's Passion by Lora Leigh- This has all the trappings of what you expect from Lora Leigh. The first 5 pages are a vividly described intense sexual scene. It ends in some high school type drama and proceeds from there. There were pages where I was on board with the hero and others where I was on board with Sheila but mostly nothing really stuck out as original. I gave it an OK rating but I don't feel more stars are warranted because its much like any other LL you may have already read.

Deadly Dance by Cheyenne McCray- This was a VERY sweet romance. Despite the length it was never rushed and though there were a few time jumps it wasn't disrupting. I liked how the romance progressed smoothing and slowly and the story felt whole. 

Caught by Red Gardnier- I don't know how I feel about this one. I kept reading to see what would happen but really didn't feel rewarded. The whole story is pretty dark and disturbing. Meghan came off as a little clingy and desperate and Cody was the typical "I'm ruining my own life and your for your own good" guy. It got on my nerves. The back story was pretty gruesome but definitely has potential I just feel like, in my opinion, it petered out rather than really exploding. ~Michelle 

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lush by Lauren Dane


I was provided this book by Berkley Trade and NetGalley for review. 

A good story with a HOT cast. I liked the characters, the scenario, the flow and the sex scenes. I was a bit hung up on some of the details because I had not read the other books in the series. I went into this one actually not even knowing it was the end of a series. I think I will go back and read the previous books now. So the things that worked. The rock star life was pretty fun. I can't imagine its easy to be involved with someone in the spotlight. I liked how that aspect injected some drama into the relationship. It was nice to have the female character to not be the clingy one for once as well. So yeah I am giving this one high marks and putting it on my recommendation list. ~Michelle 

Covert Seduction by Callie Croix



I was provided this book by Carina Press and NetGalley for review. So with that said I can honestly say I really liked this book. The characters had excellent chemistry, the sexy times were outstanding and the overall story was well done. 

Here is the blurb: Navy SEAL Reid Galvin is back from hell and eager to find comfort in Becca Anderson's arms. He knows he hurt her when he cut contact during his deployment, so when his call interrupts her date with another man, he has only himself to blame. But he can't forget what she means to him—or the sexy email she sent him—and he won't miss this chance to claim her as his own.

It's been weeks since Becca heard from the man she thought she was involved with. So when Reid wants to take up where they left off as if nothing happened, she refuses. Then he rescues her from a first date gone very wrong, and she realizes she's not quite ready to let him go.

Reid and Becca have a lot to talk about, but since she's not listening, he's going to have to regain her trust another way—by bringing her most erotic fantasies to life. Making her surrender to pleasure just might be his most important mission.

There are so many parts of this book that I thought were well done, that I can't really pick a favorite. I will tell you that I am going to track down more Callie Croix books for my own personal reading now though. ~Michelle 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Edge of Dawn Giveaway

If you are anticipating the next installment but haven't pre-ordered yet, this is your chance.

Shadow of the Moon by Lori Handeland

Shadow of the Moon by Lori Handeland ~V^^^V

Blurb:    The hero and heroine from the award winning novel BLUE MOON, Jessie McQuade and Will Cadotte, return in a short adventure.
Sent to a small Wisconsin town to investigate a sudden rash of insanity, Jessie and Will meet a mad scientist who has invented a new kind of werewolf--one that silver can't kill.

This is a Jessie and Will short. They are sent to Riverview to investigate "Boxenwolves". This has ALL the things you expect from a full length Nightcreatures Novel in a shortened tale. I enjoyed it and while it was very short, I didn't feel too rushed. ~Michelle 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Night's Dark Embrace by Jeaniene Frost

Night's Dark Embrace by Jeaniene Frost ~V^^^V

Blurb:  Enter the dark realm of Nocturna in Jeaniene Frost’s redhot tale, where blisteringly sexy Raphael dominates the demons of a lawless dimension and tries to help a beautiful young woman avenge her cousin’s disappearance.

Note: Originally appeared in the Haunted By Your Touch anthology.

Without any spoilers I will say that this was very different from the Night Huntress series. I didn't much care for it, sadly. It read very YA and the main female lead, Cara, was so juvenile in her thoughts and behaviors that I wanted to strangle her. Once I got in far enough, to learn what Raphael was I think I started to figure out what it was that didn't click for me. Its some deep embedded dislike of his kind of Fae. Any-who, the writing was of course excellent, along with pacing who the character development seemed blah. Over I give it an OK rating but nothing more. ~Michelle 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wicked Sexy by R.G. Alexander

Wicked Sexy (Sexy^3 #1) by R.G. Alexander ~V^^^^V

Blurb:  Callie has always known the Abbotts were different. Witches, though they call themselves "Magians." They are her second family. Harrison Abbott has been her best friend since they were children. Tucker Abbott, her life-long crush. And their brother, Tyghe? A magical pain in her backside.

When the Abbotts need her human perspective to solve a mystery, she doesn't hesitate. Especially since it means getting everything she ever wanted. A chance to be one of them, to have magic, even if it's only temporary.

Someone is attacking young women at Triune, a ritual that helps Magians find their perfect threesome--the match that will complete their magic and their hearts. Callie expected to be dazzled by her first glimpse into the Magian world, but the bone-melting desire between her and the Abbott brothers isn't part of the plan.

Nor is the decades-old secret that makes her the target of a killer.

WOW! R.G. can write some erotic romance! This story gave as good as it took. The sex scenes were fabulous. The tension was build to breaking point and still carried through even after the initial scenario. The mystery  non romantic aspect of the story was good as well. Her men are beyond HOT and so naughty. LOVED IT! ~Michelle 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

 Thirteen by Kelley Armstong (Women of the Otherworld #13) ~V^^^^V

A pretty good ending to the series. I liked that we got glimpses and updates on almost all of the characters. There wasn't a lack of action nor a surprises that was fun as well. I can't say anything was over shocking in the play of events so I will say it was just a nice ending. I was most pleased that we were able to have an Eve and Savannah reunion and interaction, that was a long time coming. I would say as a whole, this series was well written, with interesting characters, dynamic situations and a cool look at a paranormal contemporary setting. I will recommend these books to many. ~Michelle