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Pleasure with Purpose by Lisa Renee Jones~ V^^^V
I liked this one. A short sweet little Erotic tale about putting on your big girl panties and owning your sexuality. With the happy little result of seeing lust in the eyes of your long standing crush. This story while on the short side managed to cover all the back story necessary, give us some character development, hook you from the first sentence and flow wonderfully. Currently a free read for Amazon Kindle so hurry. ~Michelle

Slut Confessions by Candy Wilde~ No Fangs
Horrible. The title alone should have told me better. It is Erotica and I have read Erotica before but this was just porn. Where to begin? Well it seems to take place in America but the language in parts is UK English. The majority of the dialog is just crass. The stories are decidedly too short to have anything other than a sex scene which in essence makes this book porn. To make matters worse it isn't even a classy porn it's just a bunch of cut and pasted badly written, hard to follow and uncomfortable B standard porn. Thank goodness this book was free because I would demand a refund if I had paid even a dime. ~Michelle

Halle Pumas Series by Dana Marie Bell~ V^^^^V
An interesting introduction the Halle Shifters. I had a little difficulty understanding if these shifters were known to the general population, if all people were shifters or if it was a secret. Soon enough however I know longer cared. The romance was sweet, the sex scenes were steamy and the characters were entertaining. I recommend you look in the Halle Pumas series. ~Michelle 

Halle Shifters by Dana Marie Bell~ V^^^^V
HOT! Hot, hot, hot, hot. Honestly with my familiarity of the Halle population now I can honestly say it just keeps getting better. I read this book a few years back and have been eagerly awaiting more Halle Shifters books but sadly it seems that this may be the only one. That's alright though, there are plenty of Halle Puma books and short stories to entertain me. ~Michelle

Bound Hearts by Lora Leigh~ V^^^^V
Another erotic offering from Lora Leigh. Bound Hearts will cover all your fantasies and maybe some you didn’t even know you had. Essentially the story of a secret sex club for men and the women that want those men; even if they didn’t want to admit it to themselves. I really enjoyed this one in the beginning but I think as it went on I started to get bored. Lora tried to make it more interesting by mixing in some action filled plots, in the end though I think I just grew tired of ready the same story over and over again. I DO recommend that Erotica fans at least give them a try, I just might be wrong. 
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Texas Vampires by Diane Whiteside~ V^V
This series is in the heart of Texas; the tale alternates between the past and the present as well as English and Spanish. Vampire Rafael Perez is a powerful vampire who rules his territory with the help of his minions, and a crusader who unwillingly becomes a vampire. I found this series confusing, thus hard to follow. I liked the characters and was rooting for the happy ending but the way the story is just far too complicated in my opinion. This is another series I had to take a break from as I was struggling to complete it. ~Michelle 
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Breeds by Lora Leigh~ V^^^^^V
Lora Leigh is the queen of erotica. The Breeds series is based in the future, animal DNA was combined with human DNA to create the perfect soldier. The Breeds have escaped their cages and are telling the world about their existence. Obviously not everyone is excited to have Breeds among the human population. This series has non stop sexual tension and intense erotic scenes. If you can read Lora Leigh without getting turned on then you should check your pulse you may just be dead. ~Michelle
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A Storm for All Seasons by Jaci Burton~ V^^^V
The Storm family of New Orleans Louisiana has magic. Angelina and Galen Storm have four children who have the power of each of the seasons within them. This series follows the four Storm children as they search for their “destiny” and fall hopelessly in love. I enjoyed these books, while Burton isn’t that great at writing paranormal, in my opinion, she does a great job with this one. The majority of the writing is based in modern New Orleans reality; the magic is sort of just an after thought that adds to the mystic of falling madly in love. That said I found the second book too far into the paranormal realm for me as it combines Burton’s Delvin Werewolves, of which I am not a fan, and Storm family series together. That said A Storm for All Seasons has classic Jaci Burton erotic passion and is a wonderful story.
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Temptation Unveiled by R.G. Alexander~ V^^^V
All manner of creatures of myth and legend live amongst us but use glamour to hide in plain sight. The guardians are meant to protect the seer and keep an ancient evil at bay. Temptation Unveiled series is another erotic tale by R.G. Alexander, there is plenty of kink with a fairly entertaining plot.
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Children of the Goddess by R.G. Alexander~ V^^^V
An erotic take on the standard Vampires, Werewolves and Magic; oh my. Children of the Goddess has all the usual paranormal creatures but in a much more compromising position. This series has an ongoing plot, repeat characters and constant introduction to new faces. This is not your standard erotic romance there is straight, gay and bisexual encounters.  ~Michelle
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Sweet by Maya Banks~ V^^^^V
 Highly charged erotic tales of women finding their voices and demanding or taking what they want. The series is a well written, which is often forgotten in the heat of the moment. There is often more happening than just a sexual journey through romance. If you are wanting more from you Erotica than just sex, put these at the top of your TBR pile.
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My Shifter Showmance by R.G. Alexander~ V^^^^V
A hilarious look at reality shows, paranormal life, with a little erotica thrown in for fun. This book entertained, intrigued and excited me. Not too long but enough to get you interested. ~Michelle

Emerald Green by Desiree Holt~ V^^V
Right away I liked how the story started. Then is got a little weird for me and some of the sex scenes left me cringing. So I started to think I would hate it but trudged on. Near the end I was saying "NO, this can't be the way it it ends, what the hell?" but there was a recovering that left me confused. So overall I guess I would say this Erotic Short was OK. You are welcome to read it and see for yourself or just skip it. ~Michelle