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Recently divorced and having plenty of time on my hands to do whatever the hell I want to do, I have re-found my love for reading! I work part time, which, in this economy, I'm glad to have even that. I tend to spend waaaay too much time at book stores, so it's a good thing that I've found the little bit-o-work that I have. *grin* I'm quite anal when it comes to my books, too. I actually have an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all that I own, want to own, have read, want to read, when the next installment comes out, etc. You get the idea. I have a problem. Just ask Michelle. Hehe I love books. Plain and simple. Whether it be Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy or even an occasional Mystery thrown into the mix. I haven't come close to reading the insane number Michelle has, but I'm pretty proud of all I've accomplished. Now, shhh. I'm reading. *grin* 

Wife and mother of 2 energetic kids (by energetic I mean exhausting, in the nicest way possible). I spend every chance I get reading, researching what to read, making lists, shopping for books, chatting books and annoying my long suffering husband with book excerpts.   My love of reading started as soon as I learned to read. The movies I loved as a child translated to my books preferences. I was an action fan from the beginning; Watching James Bond, Mad Max and Die Hard with my father. Until the day I saw the trailer for Bram Stoker's Dracula;  A true love affair began. Since that day I have made it my mission to see and read any and everything vampire. That has transformed to all types of paranormal today. Some of my favorites are Romance, Urban Fantasy, Action, a raunchy erotic novel here and there but all set in a contemporary setting. I just can't get into Victorian Romances. So when I am not reading, or on here, it is probably because I have been forced to tend to family matters but then it's right back to reading. :-D

How we met:
It's really a very romantic story. Heehee. We both frequented a lot of the same pages for book info. One thing lead to another and we ended up emailing lists to one another, sending books across the country to each other and chatting almost daily via, Facebook and text. And here we are today ready to corrupt you!

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