Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Vampire For Christmas Anthology


Enchanted by Blood- Laurie London (Sweetblood #2.5)~V^^^V
I have not read the Sweetblood series before nor have I read any Laurie London before, I walked into this one fresh. My first impression was, "huh, pretty interesting". I quickly marked the rest of the series to be read. I think there is some good potential there. However this novella kind of drug on. I felt like there wasn't any real dilemma to solve and the story was a little flat. Things jumped ahead to keep the story short and they felt like it took away from the story as well. Overall I would say this was OK, and I will still read the series, I guess it was perhaps a good teaser. 

Monsters Don't Do Christmas -Michele Hauf~V^^V

This one REALLY did not work for me. The vampire angst was way too high and the fall right into bed thing was just beyond believable. The characters seemed well developed and the flow was good. I just couldn't get into it, possibly the secretiveness of the whole story. I am not sure, it just didn't click for me. 

When Herald Angels Sing -Caridad Pinero~V^^V

Ugh, no matter how many times I try Angel stories never work for me. This one was no exception even if there were vampire pirates. I just can't get into an angelic romance. Immediately I thought I had read the story before, therefore I concluded this is an over done theme. After that I just couldn't believe the rest of the story or give a care as to any of the characters. 

All I Want for Christmas -Alexis Morgan~V^^^^V 

I think this was my favorite in the anthology. Della is a human diner owner, unknown to her most of her clientele are Supers. Eagan is a vampire detective, crimes in the area have brought him to Della's doorstep. In the course of the case, one thing leads to another. I found that I liked the flow, characters and the scene. This was my first Alexis Morgan story, I think I will try a full length. ~Michelle

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