Friday, December 20, 2013

I'm Your Santa by Lori Foster

The Christmas Present by Lori Foster 
Levi and Beth had an out of control weekend after Beth discovered that her fiance cheated on her. Since then she has been running from Levi, ashamed of herself. Levi doesn't want it to be over. This story was another hard one to get into. I was uncomfortable with the stalker-ish behavior of Levi, the bases were covered with her family present and at some point I got into it. The other thing is I think this goes with a series I haven't read.
It's A Wonderful Life by Karen Kelley
Playboy actor Jeremy Hunter has to try to live the life to learn and earn his next role. Along the way he finds out a whole lot more than he expected. This story was very sweet and pretty loosely a Christmas story though there were shades of it. My only complaint is the length, I felt pretty rushed., 
Home For Christmas by Dianne Castell
This story was extremely confusing. I found myself going back and rereading whole pages multiple times to see if I was missing something. The air of mystery is really just confusing and the flow was very rushed. I also didn't much care for the premise. Lulu and "handsome" are a great characters, even if I didn't care for their names, and they seem to have some chemistry. Really though the story could have been so much better. This one is my least favorite in the book. 

Overall this anthology is average. ~Michelle 

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