Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Legally Hot Anthology

Legally Hot Anthology ~V^^^V

Sheila's Passion by Lora Leigh- This has all the trappings of what you expect from Lora Leigh. The first 5 pages are a vividly described intense sexual scene. It ends in some high school type drama and proceeds from there. There were pages where I was on board with the hero and others where I was on board with Sheila but mostly nothing really stuck out as original. I gave it an OK rating but I don't feel more stars are warranted because its much like any other LL you may have already read.

Deadly Dance by Cheyenne McCray- This was a VERY sweet romance. Despite the length it was never rushed and though there were a few time jumps it wasn't disrupting. I liked how the romance progressed smoothing and slowly and the story felt whole. 

Caught by Red Gardnier- I don't know how I feel about this one. I kept reading to see what would happen but really didn't feel rewarded. The whole story is pretty dark and disturbing. Meghan came off as a little clingy and desperate and Cody was the typical "I'm ruining my own life and your for your own good" guy. It got on my nerves. The back story was pretty gruesome but definitely has potential I just feel like, in my opinion, it petered out rather than really exploding. ~Michelle 

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