Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Alex Craft Series by Kalayna Price

Alex Craft Series by Kalayna Price ~V^^^^V
Another newer series that I found thanks so much to Goodreads. I am now broadening my Urban Fantasy scope to include so much more and I can honestly say that it has opened my eyes. I am almost leaning more toward Fantasy than Romance these days. *GASP*

Grave Witch ~V^^^^V
Alex is a "weird witch" well really a "grave witch" which means she can see the death side of magic. She is therefore familiar with ghosts, shades and Death himself. Though her differences have estranged her from her family, she is called in to help her sister with a serious situation.

I quite enjoyed this book. Witches are a newer genre for me asked I think this is a keeper. The way the story was told was interesting , the mystery was intriguing and pace was perfect. I think my favorite character is Death and I can't wait to read more about him as well as Alex.

Grave Dance ~V^^^V
Alex is back and this time she has been called in to help investigate the situation with severed feet. She quickly finds many more and while that only makes the mystery all the more compelling it also opens it to the FIB. In comes her boyfriend? Falin, now she needs to figure out what is going on with their relationship as well. Not to mention we have several other Fae via for her time and help. Oh and let's not forget my favorite Death, his flirtatious nature with Alex is just jelly legging. By that I mean I have weak knee's just thinking about it. So needless to say this book has plenty of action, suspense and romantic possibilities. The story is intriguing, well written and nicely paced and yes I am hooked. ~Michelle

Book 3: Grave Memory July 3, 2012.

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