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Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine Part 2

Morganville Vampires Series by Rachel Caine  ~V^^^V

Well, it took my a bit but I managed to get almost all the way through the series. There are a LOT of books in this one. Heck all the Teen series tend to get a little long. This one is a lot like any other long running series, it has its ups and downs. I will give you my book by book review in two parts because there is just so much to say. So Morganville Vampires Review Part 2.

Fade Out ~V^^V
Okay, what else can I say?

1. I agree with Ada. Claire is too soft for Science.
2. Wow, Mernon has a computer girlfriend who is just as nuts as him. (Remind me of Plankton and his Computer wife, lol)
3. If I have to read about String Theory one more time in this series I just might scream. I just have to say that the theory really just doesn't hold water.

Now more to the point, do the residents of Morganville see it yet? Yes Kim was evil and what she did was WAY beyond wrong. However I have to say that she showed them exactly what I was already seeing. How long will it take these people to open their eyes and see that they need to stop being the victims. Kick some damn vampire ass and take your city back.

Kiss of Death ~V^^^V
I was so glad that our four main characters left Morganville in this book. I was getting a little tired of the same ole, same ole. I am not a fan of Amelie, I know many are. Sadly though, these four are worse off outside of Morganville than they are inside the city borders. Sadly there was too much Oliver and Claire and Shane, kissing. Overall though the book was one of the better in the series just because we got a break from the Morganville. 

Ghost Town ~V^^V
After another bullying episode by Amelie, Claire fixes the computer that gates through Morganville. I am SO over the B.S. of all the humans allowing the vampires to run the show. I just find it beyond irritating and I am being to really hate the damn series because of it. Now to the point of the book. Once Claire repairs the "computer" all the natives start forgetting. They forget everything that has happened in the last ... years. This was actually pretty interesting but I managed to put the very obvious two and two together very early on. Needless to say I skimmed after that because I was just waiting for the resolution. It was better than the previous book in my opinion but I am grateful to be nearly through the series at this point.
Bite Club ~V^^^^V
Very cool. I liked the whole thing. Though I was upset with Shane through most of the book I was nonetheless on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it would all play out. As is the case for me with this series I can usually figure out the "mystery" fairly early on so its just a matter of getting there and seeing it unravel as it goes this time. I don't know how I feel about the view point changes, some Chapters were told by Shane and others by Claire. I think I liked the look into Shane's point of view but I found it a little choppy. So many times I wanted to slap Claire but again that is par for the course. So far the latest installments of Morganville have been much more enthralling than the first 10.

Last Breath ~V^^^^V
Wow. I hate to say it but again this book was fabulous. Seems as though the series has finally found some exciting things to incorporate and its nearly over. I am glad I stuck with it to this point otherwise I would have missed a few great books. Overall the series gets a 2 or 3 star but at this book is a 4. I can't really tell you too much that had me hooked without giving away major plot points. I will tell you there was a MAJOR death, some WAY out of line decisions made by Amelie (in my opinion), and a whole new bad guy. This book was a roller coaster that had me close to tears and ready to throw it across the room too. ~Michelle 

I still have the most recent release to catch up on and then I will be totally up to date. Book 12 is Black Dawn It should be a good one. 

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