Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bride's Holiday Gift by Solange Ayre

Bride's Holiday Gift (Star Brides, #3) (Naughty Nooners)

Bride's Holiday Gift (Star Brides, #3)  by Solange Ayre ~V^^V

Six months after the mass human-Terilian weddings of One Thousand Brides and Bride Reborn, Earth woman Janis Stone is consumed with lust for her alien husband Delos. A public exhibition of sex in zero gravity leaves her craving more of his exciting lovemaking. Janis’ attempted seduction of Delos during a holiday sexual “fast” makes him promise retribution. Payback comes when Janis awakens tied to the bed, about to be pleasured by Delos’ skillful fingers, tongue and cock.

After a steamy encounter, the couple exchange gifts obtained at personal sacrifice. But their greatest gift for each other is love.

Meh. It was ok. I see that this is #3 so maybe that is why I felt a little lost. It was a sweet story, that has been told many times, but still is entertaining. The erotica was good too. I am not sure why this story didn't go over better for me. All the elements were there it was just lacking somehow. ~Michelle 

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