Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hush by Cherry Adair

Hush (Lodestone Book 1) by Cherry Adair ~V^^V 
Normally I adore Cherry's writing but this book was just so easy for me to put down and walk away that I didn't want to pick it up again. It ended up being an assignment I gave myself to finish. Now don't get me wrong the book had plenty of the standard action that I read Cherry for, however the main characters were just horrible. I didn't like either of them and frankly I could care less what happened to them. It seemed to me I was almost hoping for their demise. I really don't know if I will read the second book in this series. I suppose the odds are there will be better characters in the next one but I am not going to rush out.~Michelle 

 Two Books in this Series so far.. Book 2: Afterglow

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