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Warriors of Poseidon by Alyssa Day

Warriors of Poseidon by Alyssa Day ~V^^^V

Overall the series was enjoyable. Has all the elements that we have come to love in our Paranormal Romance; sexy alpha males, shape shifters, strong willed women and a touch of evil. I just finished up the series to date so I will give you my book by book thoughts after each reading. 

Atlantis Rising ~V^^V
I like the concept and writing. The mythology of Atlantis is a very interesting subject and I am a huge fan of alpha male romantic stories. In this book Prince Conlon of Atlantis has been missing for seven years, held captive by the vampire queen Anubisa. After he escapes and returns home, he starts having an empathic connection with a human woman. Riley on the other hand is a human Social Worker, she had a VERY bad day and it just kept getting worse. As one can expect at first they have no trust for one another but soon that is overcome. Despite the fact that they have other obstacles to deal with they can't seem to stay apart.

Again I think it is a very interesting idea, with a good introduction to the series. However I felt like there wasn't enough Atlantis. It could have done with more detail on what Atlantis looked like or what other inhabitants do. I assume that will come out more as the series progresses. I did feel like we got a good introduction to the other warriors and can't wait to find out more about them. In this story itself though I couldn't really relate to Riley, she was okay but overall just kind of a blah character. Her sister was VERY intriguing though, I am anxious to see what she is all about. 
Atlantis Awakening ~V^^^^V 
I am really enjoying this series. The Atlantis mythology is something that has always interested me. I am also a fan of Black Dagger Brotherhood, Midnight Breed, Etc so I like the concepts a very Alpha group of warriors meeting their match. Now I mention the other series as I have a read some reviews saying, "been there, done that" but I argue that it is clearly a formula that is working. So in this case Ven and Erin have some obstacles to over come in their relationship as well as for the good of society. Ven being a male who has no interest in being tied to a woman and Erin, a woman who has no interest in being locked safely away, makes for some serious head butting. In the true fashion of Paranormal Romance they do get their happy ever after, but in the journey is the fun. As a whole the warriors are an interesting and funny group. So again I like this series and plan to continue.

Atlantis Unleashed ~V^^^V
So there is more going here than just raising Atlantis, apparently. Keely is an Archaeologist with touch empathy, she can see the history of an item just from touching it. This has apparently left her alienated from friends, colleagues, even her parents. Lord Justice is half Nereid, half brother to the princes of Atlantis and the most recent victim of Anubisa. His mind is fractured so much so that he refers to himself in parts. They make a great couple because they seem to have known each other forever.
My issues with this book are that Keely tends to argue that she can handle things because she is an Archaeologist. This doesn't make her a warrior,so in turn it seems as though she is just arguing for the sake of arguing.I also felt as though the other Warriors were rather cruel to her. What saved this book for me, was the other characters and the advancement of the plot beyond this romance. 

Atlantis Unmasked ~V^^^V
Who has not been imprisoned by Anubisa at this point? Alexios has as well and has the scar to prove it. He hates for anyone to notice is and is very self conscious. He made a celibacy vow to Poseidon so that is one major point against our couple. Grace has been battling the vampires since her brother was murdered by them on his 21st birthday. She really just lives for revenge. She is a descendant of Diana, goddess of the Hunt. She was given an arrow that never misses. The main issue I had with this couple is that we finally had a truly strong female lead and still the warrior wants to tuck her away all the time. I get tired of the arguing. We continue to get updates from Atlantis, one of which is FINALLY the birth of the new prince. YAY

Atlantis Redeemed ~V^^^V 
Crazy! Brennan was cursed by Poseidon to never feel emotion. Once he found his soul mate, he would get them back. The catch, once he met her and let her out of his sight he would forget her. Not to mention that once he loved her, she was cursed to die. We met Tiernan back a few books ago but we didn't know the extent of the relationship. Once Brennan was back with her, he spills the story but she doesn't really want to be involved with someone who won't remember her. Before anything final can be resolved though, they are captured and things get REALLY bad. I think this is one of my favorites in the series.

Atlantis Betrayed ~V^^^V
A touch of James Bond. In this installment we meet the Scarlett Ninja. She steals jewels with her Fae given powers and gives the money to the poor. Christophe is dragging his feet about stealing the gem because he doesn't want to take his oath. What gem? The Siren, one of the stones they need to raise Atlantis. This book really was very Bond, plenty of intrigue, gadgets, sex and danger. The addition of Fae to the story opens a whole new element as well. 


Vampire in Atlantis ~V^^^^V
Probably my favorite so far. Daniel has been around since the early books in this series and one had to wonder why he was so helpful. Turns out he really shouldn't have been, or maybe he should. I am still not sure how I feel about it. Daniel was turned vampire 11,000 years ago; the same time ago that Atlantis fell into the sea. Serai is was trapped in stasis for the past 11,000 years. She and Daniel have been separated for that long, meeting only hours before they were separated. Serai awakens when the Emperor stone has been manipulated by a witch. Now all her sisters in stasis are in danger of dieing. As is the norm in this series we also get to catch up with the other characters back in Atlantis. I think my favorite part was when Serai confronted Conlon. I just wish she had kept going and really gave it to him. ~Michelle

Much anticipated book 8 Heart of Atlantis is expected to be released December 4, 2012.

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