Monday, October 22, 2012


Here are a few more classics I have read and enjoyed recently. These are both H.G. Wells classics.

The War of the Worlds ~V^^^^^V
An incredible Sci Fi tale, told so well you can almost believe it really happened. The graphic portrayal of an Alien invasion, this one being from Martians, is nothing short of plausible. The scientific foresight and astronomical information made it outstanding. The only thing that I could say I didn't love was the era. Which is beyond ridiculous as it was written as contemporary at its time. I am just not all that into older time periods. But seriously this book was told so damn well I can't find words to explain my excitement. I think I will be adding The Island of Dr. Moreau to my tbr pile.

The Time Machine ~V^^^^V
AMAZING! I would like to say this book is ahead of its time but I suspect that Scientists are just stealing from it. I have heard that this book is a social commentary on how the world could be if we don't stop what we are doing as humans. However I believe it is merely an amazing story written by someone with an equally amazing imagination. The story as a whole is not only very well written, it is also completely believable if you just try. LOVED IT! Honestly I better look into some other classic SciFi books.  ~Michelle 

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