Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin

A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin ~V^^^^V

A Game of Thrones ~V^^^^^V

I will admit that I was drawn to this series because of the HBO series. I was drawn to that just because of all the talk. This book was by far one of the most interesting Fantasies I have ever read. I was hooked from the first sentence and gripped the whole way through. So much so that I immediately began the second book in the series. I was surprised how closely the television series followed the books and thus I am very excited that I don't have to wait for the next season to continue the story. =) All of the characters are wonderfully developed, the story is graphically told, and as a whole it is above and beyond much that I have read to date. I am amazed that George R.R. Martin has no fear with his characters, some of which will shock and appall you. So far I love and hate a great deal of them, I am just so anxious to see what will happen next. Definitely a recommend, you should read this series!

A Clash of Kings ~V^^^^V

Another excellent story, though I have to say WOW, these are long. I have taken issue with a few characters at this point and I am also rooting for several. I am anxious to continue this saga and see will happen with all of this players. Honestly I won't be surprised if many more people are killed, Martin seems to have no fear when it comes to elimination of characters, no matter how important they may seem.

A Storm of Swords ~V^^^^V

My goodness this was a LONG book. It was really good though. Seemed to keep me interested the whole time. Finally there was a measure of redemption but so little so late. I am still at a complete loss as to who I am rooting for and who is this series really about. I start liking one character and then things change and I find another. I will continue to read because I am just so hooked and am hoping that some really truly bad people get whats coming to them and so others redeem themselves. Though I have to say I am too overwhelmed with the shear volume of the tale that I am going to take a couple days rest before I start up again.

Books 4 & 5 TO BE REVIEWED as soon as I finish them. ~Michelle 

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