Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Reading Challenge: October Ops

October Ops
(Lora Leigh: Elite Ops)

We would love to have you join in as there will be discussions and reviews. This is a great way to push your reading totals for the each month as well as the year. If you have already read them go ahead and reread or just feel free to join the discussion found on our FaceBook page. If it is a new series to you it will be all the more fun. Hope you join the fun!

Wild Card
Heat Seeker
Black Jack
Live Wire

Elite Ops by Lora Leigh ~V^^^^^V

I don't even know where to begin. This series has not ONLY delicious heros, amazing heriones, and fantastic action it also has intense Lora Leigh classic love scenes. This books are STEAMING hot. If you are familar with Lora Leigh's Breeds, her Nauti boys or her Tempting SEALs then you will love these. Elite Ops is a continuence of her SEALs series, you will recognize some of the characters from previous series and meet some new ones. This is at the VERY top of my favorite books pile. I am definitely reading along with you all one this one. ~Michelle

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