Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet Series by Maya Banks

Sweet Series by Maya Banks ~V^^^^^V

With the huge popularity of Fifty Shades and the at least partial main streaming of BDSM, I thought I would recommend an old favorite of mine. This series has plenty of "kinky f*ckery", with romance, couples you come to care about, an established author and *gasp* editing. Not to hate on Fifty but I think the world should know that there are much better options out there. Not everyone is a borderline abusive, controlling headcase. Another big plus for this series is the actual use of BDSM, not just talk. Check it out. ;-)

Sweet Surrender ~V^^^^V
Wow! This was quite the introduction to not only the series but to BDSM erotic romance. Faith is a good girl who wants to be bad. She has decided to take matters into her own hands and check out a club that caters to different tastes. Gray is a Dallas cop, looking for the killer of his former partner. His search leads him to Faith. She is everything that he wants but in order to have her he must also keep her safe. This book wove a fantastic tale of love, sex, action and kink. I really enjoyed it and hope that you will too. 

Sweet Persuasion ~V^^^^^V
For years Serena has been helping people fulfill their fantasies. She is ready to fulfill her own. With the help of her friend Faith she is introduced to Damon Roche, an exclusive club owner. He has agreed to help her find the man she needs to fulfill her desires. Soon however he finds that he can be the one to take her on but can they both except it? This book was down right dirty and a whole lot of fun. Though I will admit some situations were hard for me to relate to, I can say that I enjoyed the story nonetheless. There is a whole world of people out there with varying tastes, my eyes are open now. 

Sweet Seduction ~V^^^^^V
Julie Stanford has wanted Nathan Tucker ever since she gave him his first massage. Sadly he seems oblivious to her advances and with time she decides to move on. Time to find a man who will return her affections. Of course as always seems the way with men, now that she is not hitting on him Nathan decides he is interested. I enjoyed the hunting and taming of this naughty lady. This book was another excellent BDSM jaunt, with plenty of romance to keep you swooning.

Sweet Temptation ~V^^^^V
Micah Hudson ran from his past. No one in his current life knows just what happened and he likes to keep it that way. Unfortunately his past comes looking for him. Angelina lost her only family and the love of her life, Micah. She knows what he really likes and can't wait to show him that she can be all that he needs. I was very excited to read Micah's story but I ended up feeling like this book was too long. In many ways I felt Micah was just running for the sake of running. In the end I felt like the story could have been resolved much faster than it had. However this book delve a little deeper into the darker fantasies of BDSM fans and that was an interesting insight. 

Sweet Possession ~V^^^V

Connor is on bodyguard duty. He has been assigned spoiled pop star, Lyric. With her he has his hands full as she has a tenancy to bring far too many people into her bed and to close to her person. Lyric drives Connor's controlling needs to the edge, so much so he feels the need to assert his dominance over her. Soon they find that they may just be what the other needs but can they admit it to themselves and then each other?

I didn't like this one quite as much as some of the others. While it was a good story and plenty of naughty for me to squirm over, I just didn't get that into it. Don't get me wrong it was an excellent story I just think perhaps the female lead didn't quite work for me. Maybe our personalities clashed. =)

Sweet Addiction ~V^^^^^V
I have seen quite a few reviews stating that they were disappointed in this book. I have to say I was very surprised. I couldn't put it down and devoured it within a few hours. It kept me guessing the entire time. Honestly I found this to be an acceptable HEA. When the book started I thought for sure it would be another, guy sees girl he loved and lost, guy woos girl from the man she is with, and Happily ever after. NOPE. This was nothing ordinary and I liked it. At the start of the book I was definitely rooting for Cole but it didn't take long for me to change my view and become as conflicted as Renita. I am happy with this book and am recommended to everyone who likes a little kink with their romance. ~Michelle 

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