Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pure Healing by Aja James

Pure Ones Book One Pure Healing by Aja James ~V^^^^V 

Excellent. I am actually thinking this is a 4.5 star read. I was hooked almost immediately, the writing was magic. For a fairly new author I think she has a great career ahead of her. Aja weaves a tale with excellent descriptions that paint a vivid picture in your mind. The action is intense and not limited to only alpha males. The gender roles are almost reversed in this erotic romance story, which was a welcome change. I was able to note a few parallels to other novels I have read, which isn't hard to do, I have read a LOT of romance. Therefore I was able to see where her inspirations and influences came from and have to say I wholeheartedly agree. The only reason I held back from a 5 star was because I stumbled on a couple typos or editing errors, they were few and far between. With a little editing I think this book could easily become a top for me. I am anxious to see where this series goes. I truly hope it will be a series, I have so many unanswered questions.   ~Michelle 

After reading Pure Healing I was inspired to see take a peek into the mind of this new up and coming writer. Aja James was kind enough to humor me; a huge thanks to her for her time and honesty.

Aja is part of large new trend in authors. She is self-published. A great majority of writers can’t seem to break into the exclusive club with a major publisher. Rather than give in to story change demands, Aja has chosen to just get her story out there. She aspires, as any other author, to one day be a full time best selling author, but really the love of story telling is all that matters. She just really wants people to read her story and love it.

Aja James is an Asian American with a B.A. in Comparative Literature and Economics, a Masters in East Asian Studies and an MBA (Masters of Business Administration). Growing up with American-Italian, African American, Latin, Asian and American-Swedish families and doing a lot of international travel has all influenced her writing. In her free time she is an avid romance reader; her current favorite is Regency though she has read a broad spectrum of genres. Her love of ancient history and fascination with reincarnation and spiritual balance inspired her to want to create a world where the past co-existed with the present.

Pure Healing is not her first novel. Apparently a love of writing presented itself at a young age that lead to writing six novels before graduating. Two of which; Viking's Princess and Bittersweet Revenge, she also published. I am only familiar with Pure Healing so we will cover that one.

Pure Healing came to Aja as any other story presents itself, as a waking dream in a way. Her mind kept telling her this story and would not let it go. Finally in order to purge it, she put pen to paper. She tells me that the story is not over and though she doesn’t a have a set series length there will be more to come. Aja knows that she would like to eventually tell Sophia’s story, for which I am most interested. At this point she is working on the second book, which will be from the Vampire side of the story. As of today however there is not a set release date for that book but she is hoping by the end of this year. For now there is a preview from book two at the end of Pure Healing.

Please check out this book. I really enjoyed it. I think the story is quite well written and satisfying. I hope you will too. ~Michelle 

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