Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison

The Hollows Book 10 A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison ~V^^V 

Sorry everyone but I have to give it two stars. I struggled through this book. It took me 2 weeks and I had to force myself to reopen it. I am not even sure what it was that I didn't like. Jenks was there, his usual hilarious self. Ivy was there, her usual brooding self. I liked a lot of the side character updates but the Rachel herself was a disappointment. I was really thinking she would embrace her Demon life and go for it. Rather she spent the whole book hiding and whining. The whole situation with the tattoo was a prime example. Honestly the first half of the book was very slow and by the time it started moving at a good pace I was not interested anymore. I really could care less about the Trent issue as well. I feel like it would be very upsetting to me if he abandoned Ceri and his child to be with Rachel. And really I am just over the will they or won't they. Is he bad or Good, b.s. The thing that I really am looking forward to is Al's plans with Trent's daughter. *insert evil laughter here* That said of course I will finish out this series, I just hope it will be worth it.  ~Michelle 

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