Sunday, July 15, 2012

Infernal Device by Cassandra Clare

Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare ~V^^V

Clockwork Angel ~V^V 
This is everything I hate about Victorian era books. It's not this book solely; I HATE the period with a passion. The concepts of what is expected of a "lady" and a "gentleman" are beyond obnoxious. This is a steampunk but even given lax for that I still found some references completely out of context. I haven't read the series that concludes this one. I thought it would be fine since it comes after this one but I don't think I have much interest. It seems to me that this may be an attempt to keep milking a cash cow and not come up with any new material. It saddens me because I saw so many people reading this I thought it must have been good. Sadly I think this an example of how to get into a dysfunctional relationship. I have the second book ready to go but I am VERY hesitant to continue. 

Clockwork Prince ~V^^V
This book was better than the previous, but that is really not saying much. I think the majority of that comes from my knowledge of the characters this time. As for plot, it really had potential. Right from the start the Shadow Hunters had to prove themselves, yay a purpose. Sadly though they just fumble through the length of the book, never really solving anything. I am not a fan of Teen books because the majority are cliffhangers and love triangles. This is no exception. Please just find something else to write about Teen Authors. I guess there is at least one more book in this series, however it is not due out until next year. So for now I am saved from this nonsense. ~Michelle 

Clockwork Princess expected publication 3/19/13.

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