Monday, July 9, 2012

Monster High by Lisi Harrison Reviewed

Monster High Series by Lisi Harrison ~V^^^V

Monster High ~ V^^^^V
A fun new look at the differences in people. This book involves "norms" and Monster kids, also called RADS. The plot is generally the same as any other teen drama. Bullying issues in school, girls fighting over boys and issues with parents. I think what made this book fun, was the concept. Characters like Dracula's daughter of Frankenstein are a new twist. Being a big fan of Halloween and classic monsters I knew I would like this one. The story itself is well written and has a great moral. I intend to continue with this series.

The Ghoul Next Door ~V^^^V
Following up immediately after the first Monster High book. This one starts out with Frankie still in trouble for losing her head, literally. Brett is in the hospital after the incident and all the RAD kids are still under parental watch after the dance fiasco. Frankie wants to make amends, while Cleo just wants to keep her top spot among her friends. The diva has a photo shoot for Teen Vogue and seems to not be getting all the love she expected from her friends, thanks once again to Frankie.
This book introduced a few new RADs and seemed to suggest that not even the RADs know who is all counted amongst their numbers. The lesson about trying to fit in and be respected for who you are is still working its way into the story. Once again this book also ends with a bit of a cliffhanger to keep us reading on the next book. They are a quick, easy, and light read.

Where There's A Wolf There's A Way ~V^^^V
In this book the Merston High gang are still struggling to "come out" to the Normies and fit it being who they are. The parents are in a panic and pulling the kids out of school thanks to the backlash from the Ghoul Next Door movie airing. Some of the kids are being taken back to Greece, Romania, Australia, and more. Hiding is the only options the parents know. The kids are being tormented by Normies, with only a few brave enough to stick around. Melody is figuring out that something is different about her and Clawdeen wants to have her Sassy Sixteen Birthday Party. There is a whole lot of development in this teenage drama. The heart of it all once again is standing up for yourself and not letting bullies get the best of you. I am interested to see how this whole series wraps up. 

Back and Deader Than Ever ~V^^^V 
I was a little disappointed with the ending. It seemed to me that many key players didn't learn a lesson. I also thought it was pretty sad that in the end the parents still didn't really trust their kids. Though it was told in an upbeat fashion I still felt like the finale fell flat. I was happy with the end results for LaLa but overall it was a rather Blah ending to a pretty dynamic series. ~Michelle 

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