Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer Reviewed

Feral Warriors Book 2 -Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer Feral Feburary Reviews ~V^^^^V

Hmmm, well I was really wanting things to work out for Tighe after the first book so I was excited to read him next. Not to mention the whole cliff hanger situation at the end of the last book. Delany was pretty good, I mean some overly aggressive "I can do it all myself" women annoy me. That said she wasn't too bad and the relationship was entertaining to read, I was also interested to see how Pamela would handle the "human vs feral". Again I will tell you this is one of my favorite erotic paranormal romance series. It hooks you right in and before you know it the book is done. How did that happen?

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