Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cadence Jones Review

As the newest installment is set to be released later this month (Yours, Mine, and Ours 2/28) I thought I would give you my reviews to this point.

Outta The Bag by Maryjanice Davidson (Cadence Jones Prequel) ~V^^^V

This prequel will make absolutely NO sense to anyone who has not read the first book. It's a prequel that really needs to be read AFTER you know the characters. In fact the first book in the Cadence Jones series takes awhile to follow as well. So be warned. Being someone who read the first book (after I read this prequel) I can tell you that I like the story. It's rather silly and to some perhaps offensive? I don't get to wound up about those kinds of things so I took that book as it was intended. Kind of fun, kind of silly and overall MEMORABLE. So to this prequel I give an average rating and suggest you read. Me, Myself and Why?

My, Myself and Why? by Maryjanice Davidson (Cadence Jones #1) ~V^^^^V

Well, what to say? To be honest, I grabbed this book just because I LOVE Maryjanice Davidson, she is a local author for me and I like reading about local sights. So going into this all I had for a point of reference was "Outta the Bag" a prequel, freebie Nook book. And at that I was lost, but what the hell let's just go for it. Now as Cadence is one of a Triad of Multiple personalities I found the story, at least in the beginning, a bit hard to follow. After a bit I started to get the flow and was finding that I liked all the personalities for their own individual reasons. But on to the plot, I find the premise, though unlikely still a interesting concept and the story itself did move along believably. In the end I was as surprised as the next reader as to whom the Threefer Killer was and enjoyed the search. So what can I tell you as a reader? I would say go ahead and give it a try. Not to serious, not to light and memorable as can be once the story is done. ~ Michelle

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