Friday, February 10, 2012

Darker After Midnight Review

Darker After Midnight (Midnight Breed #10) by Lara Adrian ~V^^^^^V

WOW! This book was crazy good. My ONLY complaints are that the end seemed to really be an ending. Without the author's note at the end I would have guessed it was over, at which point I would have bawled. Second I just wanted to slap Lucan. I got tired of reading about his guilt and worry over carrying the world on his shoulders alone. It got tiresome in his book and I started to get annoyed with him all over again here. Now what I liked!!! I was never much of a Chase fan so Lara had her work cut out for her, in my opinion. I can say that I really enjoyed getting to know him and Tavia was SO cool once everything sorted out. So many amazing things happened, I literally said "WHAT?!?" out loud when reading. I had trouble putting it down so I could got to work and the whole time I was away I kept wondering what would happen next. Honestly there were so many revelations and changes it was fun trying to keep up. Truth be told this may be my favorite to date. I am anxious to read what new things will come to in the next books. I am also thrilled to find out the contract was extended for 3 more books. YAY! ~Michelle

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