Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Little Something Different -PART 1

Sometimes I read a few books that interest me but are not the norm for this blog. I thought I would let you all see what other books I have read and liked. Perhaps you will give them a try too.

Orbit: NASA Astronauts Photograph the Earth~ V^^^^^V

Amazing photos, very interesting facts and an overall very fabulous book. Definitely recommend to NASA fans and space junkies like me. ~Michelle

11 Planets: A New View of the Solar System by David Aguilar ~V^^^V
A little outdated by the time I read it
and yes it is a reference books for kids. BUT having been so many years since I have been in a Science class I felt the need for a refresher. I LIKED IT. ~Michelle

13 Planets: The Lastest View of the Solar System by David Aguilar~ V^^^V
An updated version of the previous book 11 planets. Again this is a Children's reference book but it was insightful. Since the exploration into space is very liquid with new discoveries everyday I expect there will be another update soon. ~Michelle

The Planets by Dava Sobel V^^^^^V
I LOVED this book. Dava uses uses Astrology in such a fun way to shed insight into our Solar System. This book just hit the nail on the head for me. I have loved the night stars and the stories of the constellations since I was a child and this wove it perfectly for me. So man y facts presented in a manner that I found extremely interesting and not boring as some Scientists are want to do. ~Michelle

Chinese Mythology by Owen Giddens ~V^^^V
Perfect for what I was after. I wanted a basic over view of some of the more common Chinese Mythology; I got that and some very interesting paintings. An excellent handy little reference book for any who have the curiosity. ~Michelle

Favorite Greek Myths by Mary Pope Osborne ~V^^^^V
I LOVE GREEK Mythology! This was a fabulous Children's reference book, a lot of basic information in a shortened form. I used this as a refresher for myself and for a introduction to my kids. Only problem is some of the names were in their Roman version. ~Michelle

Chinese Mythology by Claude Helft ~V^^^V
Another great Chinese Mythology pocket reference book. I used this as a back up to the other book. Double checking stories and find a few that were a little more in depth. ~Michelle

PART 2 to follow soon.

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