Monday, February 27, 2012

Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper

Driving Mr. Dead by Molly Harper~ V^^^^V

Miranda Puckett is a free spirit. Well in a way. She likes to stumble through life trying out different paths. She has had many a job and not many last long. Probably because she seems to have a little black cloud hanging over her head. The damnedest things seem to happen to her all the time. Miranda needs a break from her fiance to decide what to do about their relationship. Enter Collin Sutherland, an uptight stick in the mud with a complete lack of person skills; clearly old Vampire. So how do you get away from your over bearing boyfriend on a break? Well Miranda is trying her hand at being a Vampire chauffeur, her first client, Collin. He and his precious black case must be driven across the country. From the start he is a pain in the read, he is full of rules, and ridiculous demands. Mix in Miranda's stroke of back luck and you have a hilarious Road Trip with a vampire twist. Oh and don't forget a little romance on the side.

I enjoyed this book. It was a nice little time filler while I was waiting for the next Jane Jameson. Speaking of Jane, it was nice to have this story set in the same "world" with the same rules and characters. Heck there was even a visit by a favorite, but you will have to read yourself to find out who. ~Michelle

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