Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lover Enshrined J.R. Ward Reviewed

Lover Enshrined (BDB #6) by J.R. Ward ~V^^^^V

UGH, the Wizard! So annoying. I understand that addicts have a whole thing going on in their heads BUT being that I am not nor have I ever been an addict, I found the whole thing annoying. I think I spent most of this book wanting to slap Phury. Just STOP. Obviously Phury could not hold a book on his own, thank goodness there are so many other "people" involved. In the meantime there are some other side stories that kept me interested. The Chosen was kind of boring as well. The first time I read this book I HATED it. I did a reread and saw that it wasn't as bad the second time through BUT I will tell you this is my least favorite in the series. ~Michelle

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