Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead

Not a terribly long series and each book is a fairly quick read.

Vampire Academy ~V^^V
This was a hard one to rate, my feelings for the story are so varying. First it took me quite awhile to get into it. Honestly, a week to read a YA is ridiculous. The book jumped straight into the action, but perhaps that is why I was quickly confused. Anyway the two main characters just didn't really connect for me. It is very obvious that the Rose and Lissa are teenagers, that may be the issue for me. Rose is extremely self centered, very much in love with her own physical shape as well as her opinions. She is actually rather hate-able, in my opinion. I couldn't follow her and Lissa's relationship, at many times I thought it might have been a lesbian relationship but Rose's constant yammering about guys made that unlikely. Lissa on the other hand is a total wet noodle, no spine at all. She allows Rose to manipulate her life and mother her, that power is abused by Rose often. The scenarios were fairly teen as well and again, difficult for me to care about. Gossip and petty jealousy is the main plot of the book. The writing was pretty good though and despite a few typos the story did eventually snag my interest just enough to keep going. The main sticking point for me though is, WHY? Why would Dhampires want to protect Moroi? It seems they get nothing out of the relationship, they got to years of training to essentially become slaves? I also don't really understand why Morio need constant supervision, why do the Strigoi want to kill them anyway? I am reluctant to continue but imagine I will see this series through, there are only 6 books after all.

Frostbite ~V^^^V

I am still struggling with understanding WHY Dhampirs protect Moroi. I know it has been explained in both books so far but it really to me reads like a race bread for slavery. Beyond that I can definitely see the Teen appeal. There is a lot of fight the establishment, and adults just don't understand mentality. The Teen angst thing is beyond me at this point in my life. The story itself is decent and the writing is good. I find myself somewhat reluctantly carried through the mystery and action just to see what will will happen. As an adult I am spending a huge chunk of the book alternating between rolling my eyes and wanting to choke the heroine. I will give it a 3 star because its an interesting concept.

Shadow Kiss ~V^^^V

Once again the genre is making me want to pull my hair out. As an adult I want to just choke this idiot child and tell her she doesn't know anything about life. I find it ridiculous that a 17 year old would have more common sense than any of the adults she is surrounded by, I also find it unbelievable that adults would buy into the dame rumors that teens do. 

Anyway beyond that the story itself was fairly interesting, even if it was a bit slow moving. Rose can see ghosts and everyone thinks that she is imagining it. Things continue to grow right under the noses of the Moroi and of course Rose almost the only one to have a differing opinion on how to handle matters. Rose does grow up some in this book and that is a relief. There was a shocking twist of events in the last few chapters that should make the next couple books that much more intriguing.

Blood Promise ~V^^^V

All the ways Rose can anger me in the next book! LOL OK this one was a little better because you feel as though Rose has grown but at a certain point you realize that she really hasn't. The mystery was very quickly solved for me so it was just a matter of Rose getting to the conclusion and fixing it. I liked the introduction of new characters and the change of scenery. However I found it hooky that Rose is forever going into Lissa's head. We get a second point of view with a cheesy writing trick. DISCLAIMER: I prefer third person. Overall this book was much more interesting the previous books because there was a point to Rose's actions.

Spirit Bound ~V^^^V
This book was frustrating because I felt as if Rose regressed. At the start of the book she was using some common sense and showing that she had grown but somewhere in the middle she regressed to a whiny, clingy, crushy girl. It was very sad. I felt some of her same emotions about the Dimitri and Lissa situation, I also felt she crossed the line to just plain sad. The story with the queen was fairly slow moving and frustrating as well. I felt like there was no build up in the relationship between Rose and her father nor was there one between her and Adrian. She was again unable to commit to a relationship and puts another guy through a whole lot of unnecessary bullshit because she is crushing on someone who isn't nice to her. I of course was greatly annoyed by the ending and OVER THE TOP cliffhanger. I will be finishing up this series to see how it ends, thank goodness.

Last Sacrifice ~V^^^^V
I can say that this was my favorite in the series. I think it was because there was a purpose to the book. Some of the books were just plain lacking in a plot. This book however is neither lacking in plot nor lacking in action. Rose has a whole lot of issues to resolve and growing up to due. Being an adult doesn't make you immediately think and act as an adult but you will be treated as such. I wish that I could have gotten more into this series, it was good but not excellent, in my opinion. I will say that it is better than some of the other Teen options out there. ~Michelle 

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