Friday, January 25, 2013

Lunar Chronicles by Marrissa Meyer REVIEW

Lunar Chronicle by Marissa Meyer ~V^^^^^V

Cinder (Lunar Chronicles #1) ~V^^^^^V
I REALLY enjoyed this book. My only issue was the open ended ending, if that makes any sense. LOL Its not easy to please me with a YA, but this one did it beautifully. I put off this book for months, not even sure why and boy do I regret it. The futuristic, Sci-Fi world created by Marissa Meyer was well beyond what I expected. Cinder is a Cyborg Mechanic with a evil stepmother and two step sisters. Yeah I know it sounds like something you heard when you were a kid, but the twist on this story is one you would not really expect. There is so much more to Cinder than just a sad girl wishing that she would catch a break and have a prince save her. Cinder is a modern woman, if you will, she isn't going to wait around for a Fairy Godmother to save her, she is the captain of her destiny. The world building is exquisite, the characters are rich, and the plot is mind somehow simple and complex in such a way that you are left saying WOW. I really liked that this YA, kept the sexuality out of the plot which is so rare and apparently difficult in this day and age. I also thought Cinder makes an excellent role model for girls, reminding them that they can do it themselves. Just a fantastic new series, I am recommending to readers of ALL ages.

Glitches (Lunar Chronicles #0.5) ~V^^^V
This is the prequel to Cinder, in which we learn of how she came to her new family. We see Cinder learning all about her new body and life, we meet her "father" and see what eventually lead to his death. I think I prefer actually reading it after Cinder, I think all the bases were covered well in Cinder and I liked how the story progressed. The prequel, being read after gave an added insight but didn't take anything away from the original story.

Link to read for free:  Glitches

The Queen's Army (Lunar Chronicles #1.5) ~V^^^V
This really a prequel for Scarlett. We get some background on the Queen's Army and how they are made. We also are introduced to Z, a major player in the next book. The concepts were again, fabulous and the premise was familiar yet wholly original. I expect good things from the next book and the whole series.

Link to read for free:  The Queen's Army

This series is a must read. I am putting it to the top of my recommendation list. This series is light enough that I think it could be read by younger readers as well. It is considered a YA, but I would say Tweens, Teens and Adults will enjoy it. ~Michelle 

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