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Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong

This series is a fabulous read. There are a great number of short side stories and novellas that can be read as well. I will post reviews of those separately. Today here is my review of the series. 

Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong ~ V^^^^^V

Bitten ~V^^^^V

I was very anxious to read a full length Women of the Otherworld novel after reading so many of the short story prequels. I have to say that it did not disappoint. I was immediately thrown into the world and captivated by the characters. My man issue was with Elena, I think most of my problem stemmed from my background knowledge of all the characters. I found Elena whining and playing victim way too much. I am hoping that as a result of the end of the book I will find that she grows more and is embracing her destiny more soon. That complaint is minimal as I gave this book 4 stars and can't wait to see what else Kelly Armstrong has in store for this series.

Stolen ~V^^^^V

Great story. I read this one out of order so I will admit to VERY quickly reading through the chapters that covered previous book knowledge. Once i hit the title situation I was loving it. The captivity was intriguing and annoying in some places. I loved the first introduction to a bunch of major players later in the series. I also second my initial reaction to Paige, she definitely gets on my nerves. She grew on me throughout the series but she is an acquired taste that I had to develop. So all in all, another fabulous Women of the Otherworld novel. 

Dime Store Magic ~V^^^^V
I liked the POV of changes in this book. I always like to peak inside everyone's heads. That said I think that I liked Paige more than Elena. The witch thing was a lot more interesting than a "whoa is me" werewolf. I liked Lucas quite a bit as well. I couldn't believe how horrible she treated him in the beginning. I loved that Savannah is still around and that we will be seeing more of her throughout the series. I can see there are so many ways to take this world, it should be an interesting journey.

Industrial Magic ~V^^^^V
I liked that this was a continuation of Paige and Lucas' story. Paige is workign to get her own coven going, in the meantime Lucas' father as asked her and Lucas to help him discover who is murdering witches. What I loved about this book is the appearance of the past characters and introduction of some new interesting ones. The mystery itself was pretty straight forward and the romance took a bit of a backseat throughout most of the novel. Paige, Lucas and Eve are a great team/ family, struggling to make it. Lucas could get a bailout from his family but he is set in his ideals. I liked Lucas's family, I liked Cassandra, I love Eve and so many more. This series is pretty fun.

Haunted ~V^^^^V
I loved this one. Eve is so far my most favorite female in this series. I was so excited to read of her and Chris together for the first time since the series prequels. There is so much about Eve's life that was tragic and in this book she gets the opportunity to right some wrongs and do some things she has been longing to do. I was a little saddened with the ending but the journey was spectacular and the I think it all works out in the wash. Should be interesting to see what will happen with her in later books and I am anxious to find out more about Jamie and Jeremy.

Broken~Have to finish

No Humans Involved ~V^^^^V
Jamie, finally gets the chance to prove that she can do something with her powers. She is on set for a reality television show, while there she is trying to court Jeremy. She also notices ghosts in the garden near by. This prompts an investigation by her and things get deep from there. I liked Jeremy and Jaime together. I loved the way she initially was so tongue tied around him and then later gains her confidence. Their sex scenes are intense and naughty, I liked it. What I didn't like was the situation to which Jamie was trying to solve. The details were a bit graphic and disturbing to me. Really its well written but ICK. The appearance of Eve and the usual misunderstanding of her job is typical and frustrating but I love Eve. So far I can't find any real complaints about this series. Back to reading for me.

Personal Demon ~V^^V
I really just didn't care for this one that much. I found myself not really caring what happened with Hope and Karl. I have read of Karl previously and I found him to be unlikable. I just couldn't connect with them. I found myself only really reading this one for the Paige and Lucas story and they are not two of my favorites either. I can still say that this is one of the better books out there and the series is still going strong. I have no desire to quit just yet, I just hope the next book has more interesting main characters. 

Living with the Dead ~V^^^^V
This one hooked me immediately. But I ended up just giving it 4 stars because it started to drag on and I was frustrated. I was having the hardest time figuring out who this story was about. There were so many players and so much action it was definitely a page turner. I again just started to become overwhelmed by the shear number of players and all the plot lines. I think my favorite characters in this story were Robyn and Finn. I am anxious to see if there are more stories of Finn. This book overall was a great story and highly recommend it.

Frostbitten ~V^^^^V
Wow, there was a quite a bit happening in this book once again. This series seems to get more and more interesting with each title. I am not a huge Elena and Clay fan so this is not my favorite book. However I can say that I was invested in the dynamic of the two. The first meeting after being separated for two weeks was HOT. I was also interested in the delving into other shifters and mythology around the many kinds. I think I like Reece as well. Overall I will call this another success in the Women of the Otherworld series.

Waking the Witch ~V^^^V
Yeah finally a Savannah Levine book. She is all grown up and while Paige and Lucas are on vacation she takes on a case on her own. This one was all murder mystery and I was a little bummed out that so far Savannah hasn't gotten herself a man. Now I will say that she is still quite young and we can all wait for it. I am hopeful for Adam, I have actually been waiting for him to get a woman of his own for ages as well. Anyway once again this book is another excellent addition to the series.

Spellbound ~V^^^^V
This was a follow up to the previous Savannah story "Waking the Witch". We see Savannah sans powers and parents for a good chunk of the novel. In the end this was a little more "waking" than the previous because she learns to grow up throughout this story. There are SO many previous characters, so many players, new and old bad guys and a whole lot of plot here. Its hard to pick just one this to really love about this book. I can say that I had several epiphanies with Savannah and then a few "Grrr" moments as well. This was a nonstop action book. I am sad to see that I only have one more book left before the series concludes, just when things were really getting thick. This is one series I won't soon forget and its making its way to one of the top spots on my Urban Fantasy Favorites/ Recommendation list. ~Michelle 

13~ Waiting for my copy

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