Sunday, November 4, 2012

Samurai Game (Ghostwalkers # 10) by Christine Feehan

Samurai Game (Ghostwalkers # 10) by Christine Feehan ~V^^^V

There were things I liked about this book and others that drove me nuts. First of all Azami (Thorn) was a very interesting character, she kicks a lot of ass. He background was beyond tragic but I am still expecting to find Whitney knows of her. Sam is alright, I don't remember him from before but I am OK with it. The catch up with all the past characters was great as well. Feehan has stepped up her steam factor by using more commonly used Erotica terms so that was a bit shocking but acceptable. My main issues lie in the overuse of details and far to much dialogue unrelated to the main characters. The story seemed to drag and not have very much plot or overall story arch advancement. I find that much like many other Feehan stories this formula is getting old and over used. This is my favorite Feehan series, the one I haven't given up on yet. I am holding out hope that this is just a drab book and the next will be better. If not I will have to drop this series as well. =( ~Michelle 

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