Monday, November 12, 2012

Otherworld Stories by Kelley Amrmstrong PART 2

Here are my reviews of the rest of the Women of the Otherworld short stories and deleted scenes. 

Twilight ~V^^^V
Story about Cassandra losing some of her luster for life. Her "rebirth" day is coming and she becomes to distracted to take her annual kill. I liked this because Cassandra is one of my favorites in the series. 

The Ungrateful Dead ~V^^^V

Necromancer Jaime has a runin with a truly awful ghost. When calling in help to banish him, Savannah comes to "help". It was an amusing story and some what frustrating. I can see what Jaime means when she says the "dead can be way too needy".

Kitsunegari ~V^^^V

A short story about Jeremy finding out some of his background. He knows he is werewolf but is unsure of what else. Jaime a is in this story as well. It was rather short but covered the necessities.

Zen and the Art of Vampirism ~V^^^V

I like any story that puts Hans in his place. This is the story of how "Hans" tries to move into Toronto and take over as the Vampire leader of that city. It was short, a little icky and a whole lot of "YES!" Very short, not really huge on the overall plot line of the story but still entertaining.

Angelic ~V^^^^V
First I have to say again, that Eve and Christ are my favorite WoOW characters so I was excited to read this short. I was a little sad that Eve was asked to delay her vacation and do one more thing. That thing results in her reliving some very sad memories that broke my heart and upset me as they were old news. I was sad that there wasn't too much Christ either. I liked that Eve was able to kick some ass and learn a lesson along the way.

Checkmate ~V^^V
This was a short side story about Elena and Clay tracking down a killer in Winnepeg. Not much to it but fans of Elena and Clay or of the series as a whole would enjoy this snippet.

Recruit ~V^^V
A VERY short extra before Frostbitten. It is merely an insight into how Elena and Clay come by information leading them to investigate in Alaska. It was alright, only a couple pages.

Lucifer's Daughter ~V^^^V
I actually really enjoyed this Hope and Karl story. It was really just kind of silly and pointless. It was very short but it was sweet and it gave me a little extra background and insight into the couple. Its worth the time if you are ready the Women of the Otherworld series as it is only about 25 pages.

Counterfeit Magic ~V^^^^V
Paige and Lucas are asked to investigate Fight Club deaths. In the meantime their marriage is having issues. This book was SO good. I was biting my nails and panicking, I was completely sucked in... Then it just abruptly was solved. It was a total let down. I know there are page limit issues with novellas but this was just OMG, OMG OMG! Huh. Bummed me out. I liked the wrap up in the end but I was still bummed out by the abrupt change of events. ~Michelle

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