Saturday, November 3, 2012

Play It Safe by Kristin Ashley

Play it Safe by Kristin Ashley ~V^^^V

I though for sure I would love this book because so many people have been talking up Kristin Ashley. Sadly all I can really say is that I liked it but just for the romance itself. I didn't care for the first person writing from Ivey's perspective for two reasons. Number one I am not sure I even liked Ivey, she rubbed me the wrong way. Second reason is that without a peak into Gray's head I didn't feel like I understood his actions. I felt Ivey was pretty slow on figuring out her brother's story and I felt Gray and the whole town of Mustang was way too lax on the Buddy situation. I liked the idea of Gray and Ivey together and I will say that they suffered their trials and tribulations enough that they deserved their HEA so I accept that. 

So for the most part I enjoyed the story even if grudgingly. I down graded this book mainly due to editing needs. There were many run-on sentences and paragraphs, the flow of the story was unsteady, and some sentences and phrases were doubled up. Descriptively the story was easily pictured but the conversations between characters were flat. The story would give me hour by hour details of mundane scenes and then completely skip more trivial ones. Really I think all of this could be cleared up with an editor, it may not be as bothersome to other readers but for me it was an issue. 

So long story short I give it a 3 out of 5. ~Michelle

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