Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Tale of Two Vampires by Katie MacAlister

A Tale of Two Vampires (Dark Ones #10) by Katie MacAlister ~V^^^^V

Oh Katie, how you crack me up. I really enjoyed this Dark Ones novel. The humor was full in effect and I loved Io. Really I found that Io and Nikola were a hoot together. I did note that some themes were reoccurring as in all of Katie MacAlister's books. The typical male who knows all, the female extended inner monologue and the distractions. I have to admit to getting lost a few time because the usual order of events was interrupted a few too many times by side conversations. The solution was a bit too pat for me but I LOVED that we got a few bits from Nikola's viewpoint. The romance was sweet, the couple are fabulous together and their was plenty of steam. ;-) ~Michelle 

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