Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Hollows Book 9

Pale Demon -Rachel Morgan/ The Hollows Book 9 by Kim Harrison ~V^^^V


Well road trip part 2. This time around Rachel and Jenks are taking Trent along. Rachel needs to clear her name with the witches. Living under a sanction sucks. Trent has plans of his own and is just looking for a driver. Jenks adds the necessary lightness to the story and keeps things fun for me. Ivy and Pierce make an appearance later on as does my favorite, Al. This story was fun, another chance for Rachel to fumble through and somehow come ahead. I never said without any new demon marks mind you. I would say I liked this one about as much as the other Hallows books. I will continue to read this series but I don't rush out for the new releases. ~Michelle

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