Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Hollows Book 8 Reviewed

Black Magic Sanction Rachel Morgan/ The Hollows Book 8 ~V^^^^V

OMG, this book had me bawling. I mean bawling. I was absolutely heart broken, and still am a little bit. Beyond that I can't say I agree with others on the sexual aspects of this series. To me this series is nothing about Rachel's sex life or her relationships. Honestly I could care less who she ends up with. I really only care about her friendships and business relationships. I grow tired of the will they or won't they mess between Rachel and Ivy because again, I feel it is bringing an aspect into the story that just seems at odds with the rest of it. What can I tell you about the book as a whole? Well Al has a bigger role in this one and I still enjoy him. Pierce and Trent are of course around as well as Jenks and Ivy. I think we have gained a few more friends in this book but we have also lost some. Well due to Rachel's blacklisting. I liked the book, I enjoy the development of the series to date and will continue. ~Michelle

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