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Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

MacKayla Lane/ Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning~ V^^^^V

I am g
oing to review this entire series in one shot. How can one person go from a carefree sun loving southern girl, to searching for her sister's murderer and end up either dooming or saving the world? I really don't know how I got from point A to point B but it was one hell of a journey. ~Michelle

Darkfever~ V^^^^V
Karen Marie Moning has a writing style that seems to just grab me and entice me from the start. This book is no exception, immediately we are sucked into the laissez faire lifestyle of MacKayla Lane, a bartender/ southern bell. A phone call changes her life forever when she finds out her sister is murdered. As the police in Dublin don't seem to have any leads they drop the case, much to MacKayla's dismay. She journeys across the ocean to solve the crime, in doing so she finds out a whole lot more than she bargained for. We are soon immersed in the world of Fae. It is a fun tale, MacKayla's take on the world remains fairly light hearted and I liked her simplicity. The only complaint I could really make is that the foreshadowing of books to come seemed to be excessive. In a way it left me wondering what I would later discover but at the same time I wanted her to just come out with it. I will say I was intrigued enough to continue with this series quickly.

er~ V^^^^V

The story is really starting to pick up steam now. I still have no idea what Barrons is and it is killing me. I am glad at this point the story is past the point of explanations and we are now getting into the nitty gritty of the search for the Sindsar Dubh. There were a few scenes that made me cringe and some that I really enjoyed. Overall I think I am actually more interested in continuing just to find out what Barrons is. I think this book raised more questions than it answered. It seems more and more people are telling MacKayla to question Barrons, and he NEVER seems to answer any. I can relate to her frustrations with the man.

Faefever~ V^^^^V

REALLY? That can not be the end. I was intending to read something else between books in this series but that is not going to happen now. The end was so abrupt and so not what I was expecting I had no choice but to immediately jump in to Dreamfever. I thought this book made some major advancements in the series. A whole heap of trouble is coming down on Halloween and Mac needs to be ready. Can she learn everything she needs to know in time. And just who are her allies and who are her enemies?

Dreamfever~ V^^^^V

Well! I never thought there could have been a bigger cliff hanger than the one at the end of Faefever. To be fair that wasn't so much of a cliff hanger as it was a WTF, end. This one multiplied that my one hundred. Once again my plan to take a Fever break for a day or two and read something else has been changed. I immediately had to start Shadowfever. This series is turning out to be one that really sticks in your craw and eats away at your brain until it is all you can think about.

Shadowfever~ V^^^^V

Well it was a wild ride, full of twists and turns. I a few points I thought I had some suspicions. Some of them came to pass but then others didn't. In the end I can tell you I enjoyed it. Now the break down. I felt too depressed to even go on after Chapter 1. Friends pushed me to continue and soon enough I was rewarded for hanging in there. Mostly the book was a joy, however I started to feel like ti got long and started to just go in circles. Mac's inner monologue started to get too long winded and I was ready for her to just get to the point. Overall I would say it was worth it and to date is my favorite Fae series.

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