Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Spotlight


Ahhh, it's my favorite holiday of the year, so what to highlight to fit with the day???? Why none other than...
The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

Come now, it's a classic. This is where I got my start as an adult paranormal reader. I think everyone at some point has read at least a few of her books. Heck my favorite isn't even in the Vampire Chronicles. It's The Mummy or Ramses the Damned... check that one out if you haven't. Ok happy Tricks or Treats readers.

Reading Order:

Interview with the Vampire
The Vampire Lestat

The Queen of the Damned

The Tale of the Body Thief

Memnoch the Devil
The Vampire Armand


The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice ~ V^^^^V
The begging for me (Michelle) was Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire. As a younger reader at the time, I saw the commercials for the movie and thought it looked fabulous. Followed up with the books. Have to say that the movies are NOWHERE near as good as the books (isn’t that always the way?). Anne Rice has set a standard in Vampire Fantasy novels. The Chronicles follow mainly her New Orleans vampires throughout History and introduce us to many characters. The historical interplay really captured my attention and kept me grasping for more. The later books involve scenarios best left for older readers, but I think that Young Adult Fiction fans would enjoy the first 5 of the Vampire Chronicles.
10 Titles To Date

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