Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Spotlight

Masters of Time by Brenda Joyce

Not normally a fan of Scottish Highland tales nor am I usually a fan of the period romance either. But this one, while very confusing at times, worked for me. Strange I know but there you have it... must be a mark of exceptional writing.

Reading Order:
Dark Seduction
Dark Rival

Dark Embrace

Dark Victory
Dark Lover

Masters of Time by Brenda Joyce ~ V^^^^V
Mmmmmmm, Highlanders. They have been sworn to protect the world from evil for all time. The Masters of Time series contains the Rose Trilogy and can be a bit confusing. The Highlanders travel back and forth through time and all characters interplay at various times, thus making things a bit confusing. That said, the characters are extremely interesting, the interplay is fun, the relationships are explosive and the romance is heartwarming. I would recommend it, but best read in order.
5 Books Total

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