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Sisters of the Moon/ Otherworld by Yasmine Galenorn

Sisters of the Moon/ Otherworld
Once again I am going to do this whole series, well as far as I have read, all at once.

Witchling (Book 1) ~V^^^V
I read a lot of reviews that did NOT like this book. The general feeling seemed to lean towards the plot being foolish, not serious enough and basically an over done idea. Well news to everyone, this IS a Fantasy. The are the same basic elements in ALL paranormal books and this book has almost all of them. So I didn't think it was too over the top, seemed pretty par for the course in my opinion Now what I liked. It was nice to have this UF not be SO damned serious and dark. To me a very common element in this genre is that all creatures be dark, emo, or just creepy. Not to mention all the situations have to be so serious that there is never any light-hearted moments. This book didn't seem to fall into that trap. The story of these three sisters, while having some serious aspects, still had time for something other than serious troubles. While they did have work to do they also had more to their lives than just work. The creatures in this series are not all the dark, doom and gloom kind either. The baby gargoyle in a gentler tone was fun as was the Dragon who seems to have a kind, albeit hidden, heart. What I didn't like. The flow of the book was odd to me, some of the situations seemed a little abrupt others seemed to drag. Not everything was explained in the best detail and I am still trying to figure out how these three girls can be sisters, with the same parents but completely different powers. In the end I can say that obviously plenty of people like this book, the publisher clearly contracted for enough books that they seem something good in them. I will continue with the series and hope to see that the Yasmine Galenorn's writing grows and the story becomes more complex. ~Michelle

Changeling (Book 2)~ V^^^V
A few things bothered me about this book. First I understand that the main character is a Were and that she changes into a house cat. BUT I felt it was borderline Bestiality when she mentioned "f*cking" Tomcats when in here cat form. Another issue I have is that her boyfriend is in her thrall, whom she stole from her sister, well kind of. Her sister seems to be an Anita Blake wanna be with multiple boyfriends, who seem to not mind. WTH? Beyond those little things I still don't understand how they can be sisters and yet one is a Witch another is a Were and the third is a Vamp. At least the vampire is explained. This book still had a lightness to it, but was a bit heavier than the previous. The three sisters seem to take forever to solve the case and once they have figured it out it seems EXTREMELY simple to solve. That in and of itself is bothersome. Again I will continue with this series just to see where it is going but I don't find myself very committed to the characters. ~Michelle

Darkling (Book 3)~ V^^V
Honestly how many times do I have to relive Menolly's rape, torture and transformation? I got it, it was awful! After I read it once I really didn't feel it was necessary to fill pages and pages with the same scene, just a little more detailed, over and over again. This book seemed to have taken up the torch for Jacquelyn Frank and got WAY TOO long winded. I am still trying with this series but really it's starting to get annoying more than anything. I like minor characters but the main characters are blah. ~Michelle

n Wytch (Book 4)~ V^V
Nope. I can honestly say that I pretty much can't stand Camille anymore. The first book was alright, it was world setting and character building. Now I fee like I am being regurgitated the same information over and over and over again. I know Camille is in love with herself, yes she has the "perfect" body and her clothes are fabulous BUT I can not take anymore. Reading this book made me feel like I was being put in my place for my imperfections. Not to mention I got sick of Anita Blake's sex life and stopped reading those books because of it; if that is where she is going then I don't have the energy for it again. Furthermore, I found myself rolling my eyes more than anything due to the ridiculousness of this story. Needless to say it is NOT growing on me, if anything I feel it is going the other way. I started out liking it and I fear I will end up hating it.

However since I HATE leaving things unfinished, Yasmine has me hooked in to finish the series. *BIG SIGH*

Night Huntress (Book 5) ~ V^^^^V
I really wanted to give this book a three star because I wanted to slap Delilah for her reactions to Chase. I also wanted to slap both of her sisters for their advice. In the long run I guess I have to go with four because I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next. So far I can say that of all the sisters I think I have found Delilah to be my favorite. In this book I can also say that more than any other component of the storyline was the relationship with Chase. From that start I knew something was up, from there I was obsessed with finding out what. On the other hand I argued, loudly, with the reactions of Delilah and wanted to choke both her and kick the crap out of Chase. Eventually I was disappointed with the ending and pray this whole thing will blow up in their faces. LOL

OK on t
o Demon Mistress, hope this isn't more "whoa is me". ~Michelle

Demon Mistress (Book 6) ~V^^V
I didn't pay attention. For some reason I just can't connect with Menolly. Perhaps she is just too emo for me. I do like that she kicks ass and takes names so that is a plus. She talks like a sailor and doesn't put up with bullshit, even though she is tiny. I guess I agree with several other reviews in which they stated that the delivery is odd and the character development is lacking. I get why they are they way they are I just don't care. It never seems to get more in depth is just regurgitates. Honestly I still don't really understand or care about the war back on Otherworld. ~Michelle

Bone Magic (Book 7) ~V^^V
BLAH! Well I am glad that Trillion is back but WTH? He just shows up? No explanation why he didn't come back sooner or anything like that? He was angry with Camille for getting married to two other men in his absence, with due cause but he was cruel. Smoky's father showed up with Smoky's fiancee, which surprise Camille is jealous about; yet none of her guys care that they all share her??? Anyway beyond that the story is just more of the same. Camille is becoming another Anita Blake, screwing anything and everything, it is boring. Honestly how can you make sex boring? By writing too much of it. The D'Artigo father comes off as an ass, I don't like him. Nothing else much is intriguing. All in all I feel like there are far too many things going on and they are being told by too many different people for the overall theme to make any sense to me. *SIGH* Only a few more to go. ~Michelle

Harvest Hunting (Book 8) ~V^^^V
FINALLY! I have been struggling so hard with this series, Delilah is the only sister that I can relate to and from the start the sh*t gets thick. Camille's wedding to Trillian brings tension into the strained relationship between Delilah and Chase leading to one of her "stress" changes. After a run in with a skunk she gets a major hair makeover. After that her life continues to undergo a makeover. In the end I can say that I was finally hanging onto the story line. Anxious to see what would happen next and pleasantly pleased with the end results of this book. The only over all complaint that I really have is just with one character. Why is daddy D'Atrigo such an ass? ~Michelle

Blood Wyne (Book 9) ~V^^^V
So much happened in this book. Hell so much happened in between books too. I think the biggest thing was with Sassy Brandson. She apparently was see by Menolly's daughter, giving in to her predator. This was not the first time and in the end Menolly had to uphold her promise to her friend. Quite sad. Also we see that Menolly is finally becoming a responsible parent and making some decisions that a parent should consider beyond housing and allowing another to do all the parenting. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a vampire serial killer on the loose, Chase seems to be developing powers, hungry ghosts are causing havoc, the Godfather of all vampires has decided to pursue Menolly, she has to make a deal with an Elder Fae, Sparky has been called away and has taken Roz along, Camille and Vanzir have an unexpected encounter, and Morio is nearly killed. And along with all of that Menolly and Nerissa have decided to take their relationship to another level with a commitment ceremony. Now that I have given a really long run on sentence I can sum it up as saying once again. So much happens in this book and I actually enjoyed it. I will be interested to see what happens in Camille's book next. ~Michelle

There are 2 more books that I have not gotten to yet, will add them as soon as I can.

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