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Jane Jameson by Molly Harper

Jane Jameson, Nice Girls Series by Molly Harper

Doing my happy dance, this is my favorite series. I have adored these books ever since I found them on my library shelf. I have ranted and raved to friends but am utterly shocked and appalled that I didn't review them here. The SHAME. I can not begin to tell you how fabulous these books are. In fact I will must likely not do any justice. What I can say is that you HAVE to at least give them a try.

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs ~V^^^^^V

This book was hilarious. Now you need to know that I have a "dry" humor so what I think
it beyond the pale, you all may not like. Anyway I can tell you that it took me a lot longer to read this than I expected. Mainly because every other sentence I would repeat by reading it out loud to my husband and then laughing. Pretty sure he knows the book(s) as well. So as to this story Jane has an awful day which ends in her becoming a vampire. This book is her, and in turn the reader's, introduction to the vampire world of Molly Harper's imagination. This book while an excellent read is not one where you need to immediately grab the next book to see what happens next. Rather it is one where you WANT to.

Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men ~V^^^^^V

Vampires, Werewolves and Weddings Oh My! Book two in the Jane Jameson series is crazy fun. We get an introduction to Werewolves which it turns out Janes BFF, Zeb, is going to
marry one. While all the madness and mayhem of wedding planning, there is the side issue of Zeb's mother. Again this book was a laugh riot. There is of course a story beyond the humor, but really that takes the forefront. If I see you in the bookstore and I accost you it will be to buy this series.

Nice Girls Don't Live Forever ~V^^^^^V

Yay a vacation! That sneaky pants Gabriel is hiding something though! OK this book immediately throws us for a loop with a huge fight and possible break up of Jane and Gabriel. Jane returns home without him into the loving arms of Zeb, who has a surprise of his own, Jolene is pregnant. So not only is Jane dealing with a possible break-up, first time bookstore ownership, but now she is sucked into the life of Zeb and Jolene's impending parenthood. There are plenty of appearances from Jane's mother, aunt, sister and more. This book has all the standard hilarity that you have come to expect. We also have plenty of plot to keep us intrigued.

Nice Girls Don't Sign a Lease without a Wedding Ring ~V^^^^^V
This was/is a short story that Molly offered on her blog. If you are interested check the Lots of Links page. Short, fun, and funny. This just whet my appetite for Book 4. I LOVE Jane Jameson!

Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors ~V^^^^^V
Yes, Jane is back. This go around she is friendly with her sister and able to grin and bare it with her mother. Actually Jane's mother has gotten a little better. Jane has agreed to marry Gabriel and the mayhem ensues. Despite having a wedding planner, her mother seems to be able to get into the mix. Not to mention someone is once again threatening Jane. Oh and now Jane is a mother. Her fledgling is a teenage boy and YES they drink as much blood as a human boy eats food. This was another fun story, though I was a little saddened by the state of Jane's dress at the end, I really liked it. ~Michelle

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