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House of Night by P.C. & Kristin Cast

The November Challenge read. Sorry I will not be rereading these. However I encourage you to check them out for yourselves and make a decision of your own. Without further a due, my review of the House of Night Series by P.C. & Kristin Cast.

Marked ~V^^V
Most likely this book was WAY too young for me. The story seemed interesting enough. Zoey is Marked to become a vampire. Which in a way is a great escape from her horrible home life. However she is nervous and unsure about making the move to the House of Night. This book is an introduction to the series and really only covers a few weeks of Zoey's new life. She tries to fit it, meeting new friends and making new enemies. I can say that this book was OK, again it is most likely too young for me. The time frame of the story was short and not a lot happened. Though one can't expect too much in just a few days. 

Betrayed ~V^^^V
The second book in the House of Night series was a lot more interesting than the previous. The first book being an introduction didn't have a whole lot of umph. This one however had some serious drama. Zoe is the newest leader of the Dark Brothers and Sisters and this is only one of the issues she faces. Someone is killing teens and the school is under suspicion. She may have imprinted on her human ex-boyfriend, she has a new fledgling boyfriend and the hots for a Vampire. Covering all the basics there I can tell you that this book had me in tears and despite the whining of Zoe, I still liked the book.

 Chosen ~V^V
Well. What can I say that hasn't already been said? Where as Betrayed had me crying, Chosen had me infuriated. Zoey has made no progress in maturing, unless you count loosing your virginity and that was NOT mature. The whole scene disgusted me. I was also very bothered my Zoey's inability to just dump Heath and stop and letting him manipulate her with blood. Anyway I was glad there was a bit of a plot to this book and that being Stevie Rae's continued existence. I was also please to see that Aphrodite is becoming a much better person. Now if Zoey and her friends would pull their collective heads out and treat her nicely and quit being "hoes, skanks and bitches themselves. Anyway I think I need a break for a day or two before I can drag myself through the next book.

Untamed ~V^^^V
What made me like this House of Night story was that Zoey finally had to deal with some of the consequences of her actions. In the previous books she had two boyfriends, failed to choose between the two and slept with a professor. That alone was enough to make me think these authors should be slapped. So she got caught and broke her imprinting. But that wasn't all, she also kept some major secrets from her friends. In this story, Zoey has to face those same friends and boys. Her life isn't an easy one and BOY does she whine about it BUT it was her own doing so I enjoyed her discomfort.

 Hunted ~V^^V
ARGH! Did Zoey learn from her mistakes and friends' anger. NO! Does this character grow from the experience? NO! I am pretty tired of Zoey being the ONLY one who can save the day, if she manages to pull her head out long enough. She needs to quit hooking up with any boy who looks her way and start to grow up. I know this is still only a few months into her new life but one should learn from these major life experience buy now. My other issue is with every other damn new character dieing. Do we really need a death EVERY SINGLE book? Just kill off Zoey and spare us all.
Tempted ~V^V
UGH! So even though she is a High Priestess and her goddess has set her clearly in her favor, Zoey still hasn't learned anything. She continues to play around with several boys and I am expected to believe that even her grandmother would tell her its OK? Really? I am sorry but this story, as in the whole series, is just moving either too slowly or too stupidly. Only a handful of fledglings have enough sense to see through Neferet's lies? No one else can tell she is evil? No one else has put two and two together? GAH!!! To top it off the ending was a completely asinine, I really hate when authors feel the need to kill off one main character per book.

Burned ~V^^V
I was happy to read a book that didn't involve Zoey whining for a few hundred pages. Sadly instead it was a book where Stevie Ray whined for a couple hundred pages. Honestly I don't see this series going anywhere. It just seems to be the same thing over and over again. The language is repetitive, the story is repetitive and though the story teller changes their view is pretty much the same as everyone else. I really feel like the authors are just filling a page requirement of their publisher. I was happy to read the story from some other perspectives though, it seemed like it was the exact same scenarios that Zoey put herself in. Really I keep asking myself why I keep going on, the answer is apparently I am punishing myself for something.

Awakened ~V^V
*SIGH* My main issue today... Who exactly is this series for? The dialogue suggests young teens. The sexual content suggests older teens. The constant deaths of liked characters suggest masochists. I just don't know. Really I feel mentally drained after I finish each consecutive book. The stories are ridiculously slow and the characters, apart from a scant few who are still alive are just plain annoying. As an adult I can't relate to the teen drama, as a UF fan I can't say this offers anything new to the genre, and as a mother I can say overall I just find it disgusting on so many levels.
Destined ~V^^V
Par for the House of Night course, not a lot of time passes in this book. I think to date, 9 books in, we have managed to have a couple months pass only. So of course no one has really grown up but clearly they are all hopping into the bed with one another. Neferet is still getting away with murder and not one adult is any the wiser. My main issue is that while the authors seemed to have tried to get me to feel like Zoey was heartbroken over the death of her mother, I just didn't believe it. Neither did I feel like Damien was all that upset over the loss of his boyfriend just a week or more ago. They kill off so many characters and then gloss over it. The only death that really upset me and where the characters were believably upset was Stevie Ray's. Along the same lines, hell why not kill off another main character *rolling my eyes*. Honestly this series is a forgettable mess. In conclusion, I have found this book to be nothing extraordinary and I am glad to say that I am caught up to date with the series and can take a LONG break.

Dragon's Oath ~V^^V
This was a bit of a nice change from the normal House of Night story. Zoey whining and the normal teenage bologna was not in this one so that helped. There was the usual amount of repetition and ridiculous chanting. I am so over this series, if I can just get through one more full book and one more novella then I can be done forever.

Lenobia's Vow ~V^^^V
I actually liked this one! Shocking. I think the story being so completely different and set in an area that I am at least fictionally familiar with made it possible. Lenobia is about the only about the only likable character left in the series and her back story was fun. I think the length of the story helped as well. ~Michelle

Full length book number 12: Hidden (10/16/12)


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