Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost

One of my favorite series, undoubtedly my favorite Urban Fantasy series. I am going to once again give you a review of the entire series, to date, here for you.

Halfway to the Grave (Book 1) ~V^^^^^V
This was my first Urban Fantasy series and immediately I can tell you that I was not liking the First person, I am just not a fan of that style. However that was soon forgotten when I was sucked into this story. Cat is naive and at times VERY frustrating but in turn Bones is very jaded and infuriating. Honestly I can see how they will have a long life together. LOL Really both characters have excellent personalities, their back stories are well told. Actually its all told in such a way that you are really committed to the story. The end really left me devastated. I immediately picked up book 2, needing to find out what happened next. If you haven't already read Night Huntress, you must. ~Michelle

One Foot i
n the Grave (Book 2) ~V^^^^^V

What else do I have to say? Well if you read the previous book you know that there was a huge separation. Cat is now working for the government doing what she has done all of her life. Only now she is getting paid. She is also running a team of Vampire killers she has trained herself. We meet some new characters, a few new hunks, and have the return of some old. Not to mention Chapter 32 may be the greatest Chapter ever written. Jeaniene has an exceptional ability to elicit major emotions through her writing and I for one am a lifelong fan of this series. ~Michelle

At Grave's End (Book 3) ~V^^^^^V
WOW! This book had me crying. And I MEAN CRYING, as in can't read through the tears, grab a kleenex, crying. I haven't cried like that since the Notebook. Then at the point when I couldn't cry anymore I had goosebumps, literally gave me the shivers. It was such an emotional book. Seriously the first person is written so well that I felt like I was there. The emotions were mine as well as Cat's. So for anyone who is feeling like putting it down, don't do it. Hang in there this series is good for the long haul. Stay in the moment and keep reading. Should be an excellent journey into Destined for an Early Grave. ~Michelle

d For an Early Grave (Book 4) ~V^^^^^V
WHOA! Cat's life has been so much more than (she or) I had ever thought. This time around we find that Cat and Bones have another huge obstacle to over come and this might just be the deal breaker. It seems there is never an end to the people who want to see Cat and Bones apart. This book again had me so upset I was ready to throw the book across the room. At the same time I felt like I couldn't put it down because I needed to know what would happen next. In the heat of the moment I was RIGHT there with Cat, again. Though I really wanted to get mad at her for her decisions as well. To be honest I just can't stop telling you how much I love these books. ~Michelle

This Side of the Grave (Book 5) ~V^^^^V
Don't get me wrong I still REALLY liked this book, just not as much as the previous. This one Cat is exploring her new life as a Vampire. She and Bones are not having any relationship issues so that is a plus. Of course Cat is a little different from other vampires so she has some secrets she and Bones would like to keep secret in order to keep her safe. Ghouls, this time we find out a little more about Ghouls and it all comes to a huge end. Once again we have a huge battle and some losses. This series doesn't leave you feeling like life is safe and you will always have a happy ending. Life is full of loss and heartache, I am grateful to Jeaniene for embracing this fact and leaving it all out there. ~Michelle

Grave at a Time (Book 6) ~V^^^^V
Cat and Bones, Ahhhh. I can tell you again this wasn't as good as some of the previous book but Cat and Bones are together and that is nice. I was a little confused by this book. The ghosts and the whole antagonist were different. A friend said that this almost felt like a dry spell. I think I would agree. While all the usual elements are there something was just lacking. All my favorite characters made a visit so that wasn't it. Perhaps this is just a lead into to some new turn in the series. Either way I will still recommend this whole series to everyone and YES I will continue to accost strangers in the bookstore and insist they buy these books. ;-) I cant wait to see where the series goes from here. SIDE NOTE: I am vibrating with excitement waiting for Vlad's series. ~Michelle

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