Thursday, December 13, 2012

Werewolf Anthologies

Just a couple, I mainly read for the Kitty Norville stories.

Running with the Pack ~V^^^V
The only reason I grabbed this anthology was for the Kitty Norville short, Wild Ride by Carrie Vaughn. This is actually just a Kitty side story, she isn't in it at all. This is the story of how T.J. came to be a werewolf. After discovering he has tested HIV positive, he finds a solution after watching Alex crash his motorcycle. It was an alright story, pretty short and straight to the point.

Full Moon City ~V^^^V
This review is only for the Kitty Norville short, Kitty Learns the Ropes by Carrie Vaughn. In this story Kitty's friend Jenna wants to expose a popular boxer for a Werewolf. She takes Kitty along to help and so both of them can get the story. As with any Kitty story, things go bad and Kitty needs to rain it in. It was pretty good. ~Michelle 

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