Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Spotlight

Ghostwalkers by Christine Feehan

My favorite of all her series. Again I think its how I always go back to action pack, suspenseful books. This one had all that with some romance and a smattering of paranormal what more can you as for?

Reading Order:
Shadow Game
Mind Game

Night Game

Conspiracy Game
Deadly Game

Predatory Game

Murder Game

Street Game

Ruthless Game

Ghostwalkers by Christine Feehan ~ V^^^^^V
My favorite of all the Feehan books to date. This series is about a mad scientist, basically; who takes a group of military personnel and alters their brain activity in order to make them capable of extra ordinary abilities. The experiments seem to have had not so pleasant results for many of the participants. The daughter of said scientist helps the men cope with life outside of their experimental cages. Along the way we discover there was a lot more at work than originally thought. As the series progresses the plot thickens greatly and I find myself more and more involved in unraveling the mystery of what really is going on.
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