Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks - Reviewed by Pamela

THE DARKEST HOUR: A KGI Novel by Maya Banks ~ V^^^^V

Ethan has been wallowing and letting his guilt eat at him for the last year. It’s been a year since he made the biggest mistake of his life and a year since the love of his life was taken from him in a plane crash. Now, he receives information stating that she’s alive and being held captive in South America? Way too good to be true. He decides to rejoin the land of the living and enlists the help of his brothers who happen to run a super-elite, top secret business, to investigate whether or not his new found information is accurate. A recon mission has been organized and Rachel is rescued. Good news, but she’s far from okay. Battling amnesia and escaping from one attempted murder to the next is not high on anyone’s list, but she finds herself doing exactly that. Will she regain her memory before assassins finally find their mark? Will the love she finally feels again for Ethan be too little too late? Join them and the rest of the Kelly clan as they help Rachel break free from her Darkest Hour. Suspenseful, edge of your seat and just a touch of sexy to keep you coming back for more!

Book 2: No Place To Run 12/7/10

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