Thursday, October 21, 2010

What A Day It's Been!

As I reflect on the day that is now done, I can't seem to find much wrong with it. In fact it was pretty friggin' awesome. *grin* I was surprised by 3 individuals at work and a stream of awesomeness. The first happened to be a customer and also the grandfather of my most recent ex-boyfriend [10.5 years in the past]. The only one who actually broke up with me and in turn completely shattered my heart. *tear* God! What a catch he was. We talked for a bit before he moseyed on his way. A bit later, I checked my cell for any fb updates and noticed that I had a missed text from my fellow Book Nut, Michelle. I tried to answer her question, but apparently it didn't come through well enough, so, damn. Had to give her a call. Whoohoo! lol Then, ma girl dropped in to say 'hey' and leave me with my Jeaniene Frost's that she just finished reading. Not an hour later did an old high school buddy walk in claiming he was there for a social visit. *shakes head* Crazy. Later as I had to stop at WalMart for cupcake makings for a going away tomorrow, I somehow ended up with the first spot next to the handicap space in the row directly in front of the doors. AND only had 1 customer in front of me in line. WTF??? That NEVER happens. As I was working on said cupcakes, my "aunt" called. While we chatted, I was informed that if Christmas was going to be in So. Cal this year, I WOULD be there. Since I won't be able to take any real time off to drive, she and my grandma are buying me a ticket as my gift. *tear* As much as I would much rather have a b&n or borders gift card or would love the assistance with purchasing new tires for my car, I can't imagine not spending the holidays with my whole family. And if that means that all I'm getting is a plane ticket? That's fine by me. =) On top of all that, I finished preping dinner for tomorrow night that I have to drop off at my standing Thursday night Vampire Diaries date's house on the way into work *grin* and managed to get in over 100 pages read on Kiss Of Midnight! That book is so friggin' good, and I just keep getting distracted away from it! Gah! Almost done...

So, like I said. It's been a pretty friggin' awesome day! No complaints coming from my way, that's for sure.

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