Monday, October 25, 2010

*Hangs Head In Shame*

Well, my days as a house/dog sitter have officially come to an end for this time around. My house host's had a long vacation, but are glad to be back home. I'm not sure I can say the same for myself. *grin* It's been soooo nice having independence and responsibility for myself alone. Oh, yeah. And for the devil demon psycho dog. Can't forget her. *grin* Despite her dubbed nickname, I do miss that ball-o-crazy. She was always so excited to see me when I would come home from work! She had her moments where she would absolutely drive me mad, but she's a sweetheart to the core. On the positive side, however, I can say that I am glad to be sleeping in my bed tonight. And to be surrounded by my things. It's quite comforting. *sigh* Plus, my Oscar baby is at home. I stopped by a couple times while away and he greeted me at the front door meowing away. <3's! He makes me smile. =)

Well, just call me slacker. I am quite embarrassed to say that I have been very neglectful in my reading over the past four days. I have allowed myself to become distracted by shiny and sparkly's. That's a bad guynnie! Bad! After having read Wild Card, by Lora Leigh, I have been waiting and waiting for Killer Secrets to become available at my library. And now that I have it? It's barely been cracked. Granted, I have been working some longer than normal hours, but at the same time, I still haven't been going to bed till well after midnight every night. So, what have I been doing? Chatting on fb. *hangs head in shame* And while doing so, I can hear a dear nut of mine yelling at me to get my ass in gear and pick up my book, while giving me the 'mom face'. Sorry, Michelle. I don't mean to be so distracted, but it's just so shiny!!! *grin*

So, with that in mind...I'm gonna go read. Don't want to get the 'mom face' again. It scares the hell outta me. *shivers*

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