Sunday, January 22, 2012

Drink Deep by Chloe Niell

Drink Deep~ V^^^V

What to say? What to say? Well I was having some difficulties with the book holding my attention. That could just be because it is a YA or it could be that it is a first person UF, while I tend to stray toward third person Romance. Whatever the cause it took me a while to finish. So I tend to believe that the story drug on a little, there were a lot of clues but not a lot of forward progress. Then abruptly everything was solved. Left me a little annoyed. Now I had a feeling I knew what was going on and once my suspicions were confirmed I was upset with myself for not knowing immediately. The big shocker came in the final chapters but even that seemed a reach for me. I also don't know if I much care for it. But of course no matter how much I complain I am invested and will be reading Biting Cold. ~Michelle

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