Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Spotlight

Primal Instincts by Rhyannon Byrd

Book 8 comes out in just 2 weeks... yay. If you haven't heard of this series then you are missing out and again this is why we spotlight. I found this one just plucking interesting looking titles off the shelves at my library and was immediately hooked on them.

Titles in reading order:
Edge of Hunger

Edge of Desire

Edge of Danger

Touch of Seduction

Touch of Surrender

Edge of Craving

Touch of Temptation

Rush of Darkness
Rush of Pleasure (7/26/11)

Primal Instinct Rhyannon Byrd ~ V^^^^V
Ryannon Byrd builds us a whole new paranormal world with Merricks, Casus, and Shapeshifters in this complex tale. The Watchmen have spent centuries playing the middleman between the Merricks and the Casus, but when the Casus seem to be playing evil for keeps, something must be done. Suspense, romance, a touch of erotic, with plenty of action.

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